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Top 10 Funniest Didja Jokes and Puns

My friend told me he failed his authentic Australian music exam.

I asked "didja redo it"?

Didja hear about the guy whose wife got trapped in a vatful of ink?

She dyed.

Didja hear the one about the hobbit who ruined the boxing match?

He tried to destroy the ring.

Didja joke, Didja hear the one about the hobbit who ruined the boxing match?

Didja hear about the coke dealer who retired?

He didn't want to put his business in other peoples' noses anymore.

Didja hear about the two fat chicks flouting social distancing rules while going for a walk?

They just wanted to flatten their curves.

Didja hear about the skunk that went to church?

They made him sit in his own pew.

Didja hear dogs are being trained to smell the virus?

That will be an enjoyable Lab test.

Didja joke, Didja hear dogs are being trained to smell the virus?

Didja hear about the guy that invented Lifesavers?

Apparently he made a mint!

Didja hear about the magician who was walking down the street and suddenly...

...turned into a drugstore?

Didja hear about this Calcutta couple who had a little baby girl looked just like a frog?

They named her Polly-wog.

Didja hear they're developing a new gameshow targeted specifically at an LGBT audience?

Yeah - they're gonna call it "Bruce or Dare"

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Hey, didja hear that Johnny Rzeznik and Stefani Germanotta are forming a new band?

They're going to call it "Googoo Gaga".

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