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I was walking down the street one day when I heard someone playing Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia on the didgeridoo.

That's Abba-rigonal

As the first fleet rounded the headlands and sailed into Botany bay the local Aborigines could see several men looking towards them through big fancy telescopes. One of the Aborigines comments "stupid white man,

can't even play the didgeridoo".

My Australian friend flunked 2 music classes, but said he'd only re-taken one.

I asked him, "so, which didgeridoo?"

What do you call someone who plays the same song over and over on his didgeridoo?

An unoriginal aboriginal.

I once saw a man playing dancing queen on the didgeridoo.

I thought to myself: "That's abbarigional."
(From today's issue of the times)

Just heard a bloke playing Dancing Queen on a didgeridoo.

I thought, 'That's Aboriginal'.

I heard you didn't pass your Australian citizenship test...

Didgeridoo it?

Didgeridoo joke, I heard you didn't pass your Australian citizenship test...

I was given a book, "How to play the didgeridoo."

All the pages are empty besides one that says, "Far away from me."

I was on my way to work the other day and i passed a busker playing 'Dancing Queen' on the didgeridoo.

I thought to myself 'thats Abbariginal'...

Australian humour.

This Australian guy just said to me, I just saw a Man playing "Dancing Queen" on a didgeridoo, I thought to myself that's Abbariginal.

I saw a street performer playing Dancing Queen on a Didgeridoo yesterday...

And I thought, that's ABBAriginal.

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What does a groupie of an Australian folk music group say when she tries to get with a band member?

Didgeridoo me

What did the Australian boss say to his lazy employee?

Didgeridoo those papers I asked for?

My Australian friend only knows one song on the didgeridoo, and that's Dancing Queen....

I thought that's ABBA-riginal


No I did it right the first time!

How do you learn to play the didgeridoo?

You don't, you just didgeridoo it!

Didgeridoo joke, How do you learn to play the didgeridoo?

I walked past a guy playing "Dancing Queen" on a didgeridoo earlier.

I thought, "how abbariginal"

An Australian guy was playing mama mia on a didgeridoo, I thought.

That's "Aboriginal"

I've never played a musical instrument.

Only the didgeridoo.

Walking didgeridoo

I heard what sounded like a didgeridoo coming down the street one very very windy day. Turns out it was just Michelle Duggar wearing a skirt.

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