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Top 10 Funniest Dictionaries Jokes and Puns

Santa has been reading all your posts.

Most of you are getting dictionaries.

I try working out by lifting dictionaries...

I've been told that's how you get definition.

These new editions of dictionaries are frustrating

Picked up a new copy and flipped through it to find a word I knew disappeared.

The next thing I found was disappointing

Dictionaries joke, These new editions of dictionaries are frustrating

I invented a machine that puts dictionaries in the ground...

It's a language burier.

My teacher once told me that success never comes before work...

I'll definitely pay him a visit after I make a fortune selling dictionaries.


Don't eat dictionaries!

You'll get thesaurus throat!

So I saw a Broadway show about Dictionaries the other night.

I guess one could call it a Play on words .

Dictionaries joke, So I saw a Broadway show about Dictionaries the other night.

There's a stack of dictionaries in my local gym.

That place is full of definition.

I like to read dictionaries

They're not very exciting but they explain every word as you go along

How do lexicographers compile dictionaries?

They scrabble about for words.

In the era of spellcheck

dictionaries are an unnecessary crotch.

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I believe

as a society, it is our dictionaries that define us.

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