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I was really angry at my friend Mark for stealing my dictionary.

I told him, - Mark, my words!

A Dictionary and a Thesaurus are in a library...

A Dictionary and a Thesaurus are in a library. The librarian who has taken good care of them for years and years is retiring. Understandably, the Dictionary and Thesaurus are both sad.

The Thesaurus says to the Dictionary "I can see how distraught you are."

The Dictionary responds "You don't even know the meaning of the word."

The Thesaurus then says "But I know what it's like."

I'll never use that dictionary again...

The definition it gave for "obfuscate" was confusing and misleading.

Diction joke, I'll never use that dictionary again...

The dictionary I ordered on eBay had only blank pages

I have no words to describe how angry I am.

What did the dictionary say when it got a cold?

I had thesaurus throat ever.....

I'll see myself out

Every dictionary has at least one mistake

It's in the m section, after mist.

No dictionary has been able to adequately explain the difference between the words complete and finished. However......

"When you marry the right person, you are COMPLETE.

But, when you marry the wrong person, you are FINISHED.

And when the 'right one' catches you with the 'wrong one'

Well .... you are COMPLETELY FINISHED!"

Diction joke, No dictionary has been able to adequately explain the difference between the words complete and fini

Why was the dictionary on the top shelf more expensive than the one on the bottom...

Because it was a higher definition

What did the dictionary go to jail for?

Textual Assault

What did Peter Pan call Tinkerbell when she corrected his spelling?

A Diction Fairy

I took my dictionary to a bar.

I just wanted to get the word out.

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Where does the dictionary keep grownup words?

Under ground.

How can you tell if a dictionary has been working out?

You can see the definition.

My dictionary got into an argument with my thesaurus.

They had words.

A dictionary and a thesaurus have a child together

They had a difficult time accepting that their child was a homophone

Got a dictionary from my dad today

Tried to thank him for it, but couldn't find the words.

Diction joke, Got a dictionary from my dad today

What does the dictionary like when judging bodybuilders?


I went to see "The Dictionary: A Musical" last night but left disappointed...

The whole thing was just a big play on words.

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