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Kim Jong Un is currently..

The Shrodingers cat of dictators.

A geneticist was unhappy with the result when he spliced potato DNA with that of his own genitals.

Nobody likes dictators

How do dictators travel on the sea?

In dictatorships.

Dictators joke, How do dictators travel on the sea?

Help, I'm a Democrat who has a very specific fetish of looking at foreign dictators resting on top of crackers and I'm looking for people into the same as me...

So if you're Blue and you don't know what to search for why don't you look were Fascists sits... Putin on the Ritz

Question: Do yo know what America does with all it's circumcision's.

Answer: We send them to Cuba where they grow dictators

What is a dictators best magic trick?

They make people disappear.

Why do Communist Dictators have trouble getting their work done on time?

They're way too into Stalin

Dictators joke, Why do Communist Dictators have trouble getting their work done on time?

Did you hear about the foreign government growing potatoes in their foreskin?

Bunch of dictators.

Everyone says hitler was a bad guy

But he killed one of the worst dictators of all time so he can't be all bad.

Russian dictators are the best.

They're the crème de la Kremlin!

A history professor was given a boring lecture about Russian dictators

Finally, an exasperated student exclaimed,"stop, you're putin me to sleep"

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Why did ISIS kill the man who had sex with communist dictators?

He was in fidel

3 Main Evils

There are 3 main evils in the world: Dictators, Mosquitos and Vegans.

Or D.M.V for short.

What do you call toddlers who are dictators?

Dictator Tots

What happens when Korean dictators are bad drivers?

Kim car-dashing

What do communist dictators and mods have in common?

One blatantly pushes around their authority and silences all who ask questions, the other tries to run a Marxist country.

Dictators joke, What do communist dictators and mods have in common?

[NSFW] Do you get female dictators?

I'm not sure, but you'd probably call them cuntators.

"Try, try, and try again".

I feel like too many dictators rip this quote.

Hitler and Pol Pot were considered two of the worst dictators in the world...

But at least they managed to conduct large amount of medical research without harming animals.

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