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Why was diarrhoea classified under hereditary diseases?

It runs in the Jeans.

What does violent diarrhoea and a bar fight have in common?

Blood on your stool

Beethoven found that having diarrhoea always helped him compose quicker

By midday, he was already on his third movement.

Diarrhoea joke, Beethoven found that having diarrhoea always helped him compose quicker

My dog kept me awake all night.

Dreadful diarrhoea.

Don't think I cooked him properly.

I'm not sure if I have constipation or diarrhoea.

I'll find out by a process of elimination.

I was stood in the Chemist..

And I said to the lady behind the counter, Do you have anything that will clear up Diarrhoea?
We have some Imodium plus, if that's what you mean, she replied.
No, I don't think you understand my question. I just shat on your floor.

They say laughter is the best medicine...

But it's only making my diarrhoea worse!

Diarrhoea joke, They say laughter is the best medicine...

I'm going through an explosive diarrhoea phase.

Waiting for ISIS to claim responsibility.

Doctor: sir I have two bad diagnoses for you...

Doctor: sir I have two bad diagnoses for you, one is that you have worst diarrhoea I have ever seen.
Patient: what's the other one then?
Doctor: you also have very bad amnesia, you can't remember anything from last 15 seconds.
Patient: well at least I don't have diarrhoea.

Next week is national diarrhoea awareness week

It runs to Sunday

Diarrhoea is heredetary.. runs in your jeans.

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I have diarrhoea, my father had it before, my grand grandfather suffered from it too..

It runs in the family

Alzheimer and diarrhoea together are the worst.

You run to the toilet but can't remember why.

I've got diarrhoea, my dads got diarrhoea and my brothers got diarrhoea.

Runs in the family.

Even had diarrhoea while camping?

Shit's intense.

Have you heard of the movie about diarrhoea?

It's everywhere.

Diarrhoea joke, Have you heard of the movie about diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea leaves you like an Xbox

With a red ring

"Doctor, I think I have genetic diarrhoea"

"But diarrhoea isn't genetic"
"Well, it's in my jeans"

Laughter is the best medicine...

Unless your suffering from diarrhoea

My girlfriend called me and said Talk dirty with me!

Apparently describing my diarrhoea inspired stool in great detail wasn't a good idea...

Spanish Stores End in "Γ­a"

For instance, florists is florerΓ­a. LavanderΓ­a is a laundromat. But what do you call Taco Bell for short?


Did you know diarrhoea was hereditary.

It's in the jeans.

My mother-in-law once went on holiday with a massive case of diarrhoea.

She only found out when she opened her suitcase.

I used to have diarrhoea...

But now it's gonorrhea

10 facts about diarrhoea

Number 2 will surprise you.

Bananas are very effective at stopping diarrhoea

Just don't pull them out.

Next time you feel like sh*t,

Imagine a bat with diarrhoea...

Want to know the top 10 facts about diarrhoea?

Number 2 will suprise you!

My local auctioneer passed away due to excessive diarrhoea.

I think he was going once... going twice...gone

I was just reading an article of ten facts about diarrhoea.

Number 2 will really surprise you!

Three men are discussing what they think is the fastest thing in the world

The first man says The fastest thing in the world is a thought... I think something and pops into my head

The second man says The fastest thing in the world is light... I turn on the light switch and the room lights up instantly

The third man thinks for a second and says you are both wrong... it's actually Diarrhoea

Confused, The two friends as him how could diarrhoea be the fastest thing in the world?

The third man replies well, the other day when I woke up, before I could even think or turn on the light, it was already too late!

Why is diarrhoea, an inherited disease?

Because it runs in your jeans!

My father, his father, his father's father and his father's father's father all had chronic diarrhoea

Runs in the family I guess

TIL: Diarrhoea is hereditary

It runs in yo' jeans.

Scientists have found out that diarrhoea is hereditary

It runs in your jeans.

What's the difference between an epileptic oyster and a hooker with diarrhoea?

With the oyster you shuck between fits...

Diarrhoea is hereditary

It runs in your jeans

(Sorry, that was a shit joke)

It's national diarrhoea week...

Runs until Sunday.

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