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Girl, are you dial-up internet?

Because you're really loud and annoying.


Yo girl, let's do it like dial-up Internet;

real slow, with all kinds of fucked up noises.


I like my women how I like my dial-up Internet

Always going down on me...


I used to have a problem watching internet pornography...

but then I upgraded from dial-up to a cable modem.


Top 5 internet connections of all time:

5) Dialup

4) Dialup

3) Dialup

2) Dialup

1) Dialup

Cause it spit hot Firefox.


Dial-up internet called.

They couldnt get through.


I've got a meeting with the guy that invented the progress bar during the era of dialup internet. He's going to be here in 2 hours and 13 minutes.


What's the most awful perversion possible?

Dial-up through IP telephony


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