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Top 10 Funniest Dialog Jokes and Puns

A dialogue between friends

-My russian Friend is coming to visit tomorrow
-Baby dont hurt me...

A slightly translated Dutch joke

This is a Dutch joke where the dialog is spoken in English:

A Dutchman and an Englishman are sitting next to each other on an airplane. They start to make small talk and the Englishman asks the Dutchman what he does for a living.

The Dutchman proudly says "I fok horses!" (Fok == breed)

Shocked, the Englishman exclaims "Pardon?!?"

The Dutchman smiles and replies, "Yes! Paarden!" (Paarden == horses)

John didn't wear the mask

**The dialog about John who didn't wear mask and regretted it and his friend**

\- John, put on your mask!

*- No! It's harmful.*

\- John put it on, what are you doing?

*- I ignore the masks*

\- John! Get out of here and don't ever come to a Halloween party looking like this again

**The end**

A dialogue between Russians.

-Guys, maybe we should stop drinking.

-We allready did. We're getting wasted now!

Student logic

Professor offered to students to retake failed exam, but only with one condition. All students must gather at one time, so professor wouldn't waste his time. There was three students with failed exam.

At exam day three students gathered and dialog begins:
Student: Shouldn't be here four of us?
Professor: How is it four?
Student: I had posted on Facebook about this exam and four people liked it.

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