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What do Excel, incels and some people who casually eat figs have in common?

They get confused and incorrectly assume it's a date.

Thank you for the awards.

As people have pointed out, this joke seems to have originated from a venn diagram, but seeing as I heard it a different way and we can't post venn diagrams on this sub, I don't see what's wrong with sharing a good joke for others to enjoy. :/

The word "Boobs" is a three dimensional diagram

The "B" shows how they look from above, the "oo" how they look from the front and the "b" how they look from the side.

What do you call Harrison Ford making a Venn diagram?

Comparrison Ford!

Diagram joke, What do you call Harrison Ford making a Venn diagram?

My biology teacher asked me to make a diagram of bacteria.

When he questioned why I submitted a blank piece of paper, I told him : "it only appears blank because its invisible to the naked eye"

I asked my German friend to draw me a circular statistical diagram

He said Venn?

I said as soon as you can

What do you use to compare and contrast nordic cultures?

A Sven diagram!

I found Peter Dinklage on a Hertzsprung–Russell diagram...

It said "white dwarf"

Diagram joke, I found Peter Dinklage on a Hertzsprung–Russell diagram...

Why do they call "roach-clips", "roach-clips"???

because potholder was already taken.

I know it's like a venn diagram of drug jokes and dad jokes.

Zoology teacher was asked to substitute history teacher's class since he was on leave..

And so he did..

Describe Shahajahan's wife Mumtaz with a neat diagram and label the parts

What do you call a letter from a dead person?

A diagram.

I was having trouble starting my Venn Diagram...

But now it's all coming together.

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What did the tiny nug of weed say when nobody wanted to smoke him?

I guess I'll just diagram.

Diagram in book was not clear..

So,madam drew diagram on blackboard and announced..

"Don't look at Book Figure, Look at my Figure!"

What do you get when you cross a reindeer with a Venn diagram?


A Venn diagram is sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes both

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