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Today in church they asked what a Bishop does

Apparently move diagonally wasn't the answer they were looking for.

A bishop walks straight up to the bar and the barman says

You can't do that. Bishops can only move diagonally.

Why can chess Bishops only more diagonally?

Because north, south, east and west are Cardinal directions.

Diagonally joke, Why can chess Bishops only more diagonally?

The "bishop" came to our church today...

...must have been an imposter!
Never once moved diagonally

The first time I played chess, I thought the castles moved diagonally.

Rookie mistake.

A bishop walks into a bar and walks straight up to the bartender who shouts, Hey pal! You can't do that!"

"Bishops can only move diagonally!"

When I first started playing chess, I thought the castle could move diagonally.

Classic rook-y mistake.

Diagonally joke, When I first started playing chess, I thought the castle could move diagonally.

What is it called when the pieces in the corner of a chessboard move diagonally

A rookie mistake

I met my town's bishop at Easter mass today but I think he might be an imposter...

... he didn't move diagonally

What did the bishop say after they redid the vestibule with black and white tiles?

"It looks nice but now I can only enter and exit diagonally "

The Bishop was late for service

One day, the Bishop was late for church service.
He said it was traffic, but I don't think he went straight there.

He probably went diagonally.

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From a kid in the local chess club

Kid: Do you know why bishops move diagonally?
Me: No, why?
Kid: Because catholic priests never go straight

I got into trouble at church the other day

During his sermon, the priest asked, "What does a Bishop do?"

"Moves diagonally" was not the answer he wanted.

a bishop walked up to a bar

the barman said you can't do that. Bishops can only move diagonally.

A bishop came to my Church.

He was an impostor. Never once moved diagonally.

I live next to a church in Cheshire...

...and I invited the bishop over for dinner. Took him ages to arrive - turns out he can only move diagonally.

Diagonally joke, I live next to a church in Cheshire...

Why can't the bishop walk straight?

Cause he can only move diagonally


John: I'm not racist but I do prefer cutting my sandwiches diagonally
James: That's not racist at all
John: I know, I said I'm *not* racist

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