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So Betsy DeVos resigned...

I guess some people were starting to pressure her to invoke the 25th amendment and she got scared because she can't count that high.

I think that the president and his cabinet listened to Pink Floyd

"We don't need no education" -Devos

"All in all its just another brick in the wall" -Trump

Betsy DeVos wants to eliminate trigonometry from school math curricula

because it teaches our children to sin

Devos joke, Betsy DeVos wants to eliminate trigonometry from school math curricula

How tall is Betsy DeVos?

We don't know, she can't measure growth.

I'm glad that DeVos was confirmed as education secretary.

Now I don't have to worry about my grandkids being able to read some of my dumbest Facebook posts... or anything else, for that matter.

What's the difference between Betsy DeVos and a Grizzly Bear?

Betsy DeVos is an actual threat to school children.

Betsy Devos wants to defund the Special Olympics

Talk about kicking someone when they're Downs

Devos joke, Betsy Devos wants to defund the Special Olympics

Breaking: Betsy DeVos has cancelled....

the subject-verb agreement.

Did you hear the President overruled Betsy DeVos and is restoring the Special Olympics funding?

I hear he wants to compete.

Pretty sure Betsy DeVos said the grizzly metaphor because the 2nd amendment says,

The right to bear arms.

Why does Betsy look so distracted

Her husband devos her

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The best thing about Betsy DeVos being nominated as the head of department of education ...

is the fact they are abolishing it completely.

Today Sean Spicer said Hitler never used chemical weapons

Glad to see the new Betsy DeVos textbook are being read already.

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