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Started reading the bible.

Could not bother finishing. Jesus is such a Mary Sue and lacking in any true character development. 1 star.

My company is hiring someone for a Business Development, Sales and Marketing position...

They're gonna call the new hire the BDSM Executive.

What does Spiderman do when he's not fighting crime?

Web Development.

I just got a futuristic coffee maker.

It was a ground-breaking development.

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[Context: Friend borrowed a great book by Yahtzee Croshaw, "Jam"]

Friend: I'm liking Jam a lot.

Me: Sweet. Glad you got absorbed in it. It's a berry good book. So many sticky situations for the seed of character development.

Friend: *turns off phone*

I'm writing a book about Minecraft.

it's not finished yet, but it has some terrific plot development.

Development joke, I'm writing a book about Minecraft.

Learning with Linus.

Hi. My name is Linus Torvalds and today I will be teaching you how to manage threads and resolve conflicts*.

^*In ^Linux ^development ^mailing ^lists.

What's the most common career choice among spiders?

Web development

I am trying to write a great novel and become a cartoonist but

I was told I have to work on my caricature development.

What do you call a tv show about female puberty?

A Breasted Development

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How many Hollywood development executives does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one... But, uh, does it HAVE to be a light bulb?

Apparently red hat came out and said that there were no more Linux kernels in development, that they have gone in every direction.

Apparently there's nothing GNU under the sun.

As indicated by my following sentence

The Software Development industry needs more chicks in management so those broads can get the respect they deserve

There's a new fungicide in development made from volcanic ash...


The developmental psychologists got back to us about our son. They said he's smart on paper...

Unfortunately he can't read

Development joke, The developmental psychologists got back to us about our son. They said he's smart on paper...

[Esoteric] Hollywood wanted to make a screen play about ASCII but scrapped the idea.

The storyline was lacking in character development.

Why did Negan watch Arrested Development?

Someone told him there were two Lucilles

The European Union has decided to vote against laser-based weaponry development.

The council has declared they are considering

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■



There's an emo in my Web Development class, she's doing a website about jewellery

Her first page was /Wrists

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was originally intended to be for Wii U

But mid-way through development they made the switch.

My daughter thinks I criticize her too much...

That's just one of her many faults.

(Shamelessly taken from Arrested Development. Thanks, Lucille.)

I have this idea for a toothbrush, but don't have any money to fund development...

I've decided to try a kicks-tartar

I met Spider-Man in college

He was in Web development.

I just read the bible, really good book. Had a lot of character development

In my opinion, the Noah Arc was the best part

So the new YouTube logo is pretty bright now..

..obviously their development team isn't

Development joke, So the new YouTube logo is pretty bright now..

What's Spider-Man's favourite class?

Web development.

I've finally discovered why it takes so long to develop self-driving vehicle technology.

The first cars equipped with it have to turn 16 before any real development can begin.

I studied cognitive development at university.

It was a six year course and I learned nothing.

I studied cognitive development for ten years.

Didn't learn a thing...

Personally I think removal of net neutrality will be great. It will offer our businesses new opportunities for development which will help the economy in the long run

Software development is like sex... mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life.

Who from the Soviet Union made the most in development of modern surgery?

Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov.

A woman brings her son to the doctor

Woman: Doctor help! My son is falling behind other children. What can I do to speed up his development?
Doctor: Have you tried lowering his graphics?

My local theater put on a show about the development of speech to express ideas.

It was a decent play on words.

Where does a gay computer science major work?

Back end development

With the likelihood of Roe v. Wade being overturned abortion provides should start diversifying.

Product development idea: Planned Parenthood brand coat hangers

I'm in the development stages of my new theme park, Kony Island.

It's identical to Coney Island, but you need to be 48 inches or under to enter.

A plastic surgeon applies for a programming position

Because he heard they needed back end development.

"What had its development cut short unexpectedly?" my father, a game nerd, asked as a riddle.

"Easy! *Silent Hills*!"

"... Your mother's pregnancy..."

Why is development in airplane engineering so slow?

Everyone is afraid to make a ground breaking design.

A new men's cologne is in development which smells of electric eels shocking a Silicon Valley giant...

Its called Eel-on Musk.

Would I say that I'm excited for Arrested Development season 5B?


The Manhattan Project was an urban development program

It was designed to make city populations explode

Noel Gallagher once asked me who my favorite Arrested Development character was.

I said Maeby.

A flat earther snuck into a physics seminar

While the speaker was giving speech on recent development about gravity, flat earther shouted

" Why do you even think that gravity is real? "

Speaker dropped the mic.

What do spiders do for a job?

Web development

A Blonde woman moves into a brand new neighbourhood,

The following evening her house catches fire and starts burning quickly, she quickly calls emergency services and gets put through to the fire department,
Blonde: Hello my house is burning down, you must come quickly.
Fire Chief: Ok no problem tell us where you live.
Blonde: It's a new house outside of town, on a new development.
Fire Chief: we don't seem to have your address on our systems, tell us how to get there.
Blonde: Hellllloooooooooo in your fkn red truck !

You hear about the spider who needed a job?

He was experienced in web development.

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