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My girlfriend told me to take the spider out instead of killing it.

We went and had some drinks. Cool guy. Wants to be a web developer.

My wife told me to take the spider out instead of killing it...

So I did. We had a few drinks, pretty cool guy, said he works as a web developer.

Why are the developers of NoMansSky called Hellogames?

Because you never get a goodbuy from them

How many developers does it take to change a light bulb?

None. That's a hardware problem.

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A developer tried to pull weeds out of his garden...

...but he didn't have root access.

A HTML developer was walking down the street when he was greeted by a donkey.

"Hello Mr Programmer", the donkey said, "how are you?".

"mighty fine, thank you donkey", the HTML dev replied.

Immediately the donkey started crying.

"What's the matter little friend?" the HTML dev asked.

"I called you a programmer, at least you could call me horse" the donkey bawled.

Mother told me to take the spider out instead of killing it.

Went for a few drinks, pretty cool guy actually. Wants to be a web developer.

Developer joke, Mother told me to take the spider out instead of killing it.

How can you tell when a Software Developer is an extrovert ?

He looks at *your* shoes when he's talking to you.

Did you guys hear about the C++ developer that wanted to become a famous actor?

He kept getting type cast.

A developer finds a talking frog.

It says "Kiss me and I will become a princess". But he just puts she into his jacket and keeps on working.

During Lunch the frog jumps out of his jacket and says again "Kiss me and I will become your princess". But he just puts her back again.

In the evening he shows her to a friend and she asks "Why won't you kiss me?" - "I don't have time for a girlfriend but a talking frog is funny."

Why did the software developer go broke?

He used up all his cache !

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What do you call a game developer with erectile dysfunction?


Wife told me to take the spider out instead of killing it...

We had some drinks, cool guy, wants to be a web developer.

My son finally landed a position as a software engineer. He proudly told me that his new job title will be Java Developer.

I didn't have the heart to tell him that means he'll be making the coffee.

We had a spider in our room..

My girlfriend told me to take it out,

Seems like a nice guy,
Wants to be a web developer.

Wow why did my programmer wife grow big boobs?

Because She is a Full-stack Developer

Developer joke, Wow why did my programmer wife grow big boobs?

If you give a developer a cookie...

they'll tell you why it's really better to use local storage.

I work at IBM as a quantum computer developer and last night i hooked up with a gender studies graduate.

we had nothing in common,

but eventually we bonded over our mutual hatred for binary systems.

Why was the Valve developer crying?

He was having a Half-Life crisis.

If you lost your erection every time a game developer got accused of workplace harassment


What kind of web developer likes to find bugs?

A Spider

Two developers are working on a simulation when it suddenly goes haywire before returning to normal

Dev 1: Did you see that? I think the simulation just broke for a second.
Dev 2: I think it's more accurate to say it glitched.
Dev 1: Dude, I'm not about to argue over sim antics.

What do you call an optimistic programmer?

A glass half full stack developer.

Developer accused of unreadable code refuses to comment

What do you call a person that does squats every day

A back-end developer

A Software Developer walks into a bar

A Software Developer walks into a bar

Bartender: "you having the usual?"

Software Developer thinks for a while
and then says "Yes"

Bartender: "What took you so long to answer?"

Software Developer: "Sorry, I got cache issues."

Developer joke, A Software Developer walks into a bar

A mechanic, an electrician and a software developer were in a car.

The car stops working.

-It's the carburetor, says the mechanic. We just have to get down and clean it.

-It's the ignition, says the electrician. We have to check the spark plugs and we'll make it work.

-"Guys, I propose getting out of the car and getting back in and maybe it will start working."

What does spiderman do for his living?

He's a web developer

This new software developer is so socially awkward …

… he failed the Turing Test.

What do you call a web developer who enjoys finding bugs in the system?

A spider

A Woman sends her husband - a software developer - out for groceries.

She says to him: "We don't need a lot. Please get us a loaf of bread; and if they have free-range eggs please bring six."

The husband returns with nothing but six loaves of bread: "They had free-range eggs."

Crikey, more sad news from the world of technology: Anti-virus developer John McAfee is appearing in court for manslaughter...

They estimate the trial could last for 30 days.

What is the best career as a spider?

A web developer

To follow up on the Java/C# joke...

Q: Why did the Java Developer quit his job?

A: Because he didn't get arrays.

What did the girl say to the game developer with erectile dysfunction?


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