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What do Cats use to deter enemies from attacking?

Mewcular Warheads

To determine a rabbit's sex from afar, try sneaking up on them and shouting: if he runs, it's a boy.

If *she* runs, it's a girl.

What do you call the dapper bouncer at a coin op laundromat?

The Deter Gent.


Deter joke, What do you call the dapper bouncer at a coin op laundromat?

The city of Chicago is no longer giving speeding tickets...

Instead, to deter speeders, the are giving away Bears tickets.

How can you determine which of two people is a chemist and which is a plumber?

You ask them to pronounce unionize.

How do you determine which of two people is a chemist and which is a plumber?

One of them makes crack while the other just markets it.

How do you determine the gender of a fish?

You give the fish some food. If HE ate the food, it is a male fish. If SHE ate the food, it is a female fish.

Deter joke, How do you determine the gender of a fish?

Don't determine your worth by if you completed the task you set out to do, it's all about the journey.

I mean there are still Jews but I wouldn't say Hitler failed.

What is the best deterrent of spirits for a haunted house?

Ghost hunters

What's the best way of determining who loves you more - your wife or your dog?

Lock them both in your car, unlock it after 4 hours and see which one is happy to see you

How do you determine a chromosome's gender?

You take off its genes.

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I've determined that saying big words always will make you sound smart

Totally photosynthesis right?

I heard its easy to convince women not to eat tide pods..

but it's a lot harder to **deter gents**.

I was a very determined hall monitor at school. The other kids called me Batman,

Not because of that but because both my parents were murdered.

I've been hearing how easy it is to convince ladies not to eat Tide pods...

It's somewhat more difficult to deter gents.

Edit; I'll show myself out.

It's easier to deter women from eating tide pods, but it's harder to...


Deter joke, It's easier to deter women from eating tide pods, but it's harder to...

You can determine the gender of an ant by throwing it in a puddle of water

If it sinks it's a girl ant, but if it floats it's a boy ant

Determination. Precision. Focus. Accuracy.

All attributes I have while shaving my pubes that I should really put into other aspects of my life.

Lots of women go to the laundromat

But it seems to deter gents

What does a lesbian put on her clothes to keep men away?

Deter gents.

What do lesbians wash their clothes with?

Deter Gents

How do you determine the value of all the fish you just caught?

You look at the net worth.

How do you determine who the best musician is?

You compare their scores.

Did you know that you can determine an ant's gender by putting it in water?

If it sinks... girl ant.

If it floats... boyant.

How can we determine an anteater's diet?


How did they determine that the shark attack victim had dandruff?

...because all that washed up on the beach was his head and shoulders.

It has been determined, the most used sexual position for married couples is the doggie position...

The husband sits up and begs.

The wife rolls over and plays dead.

What do you call the glamorously dapper bouncer at the local laundromat who helped the singer of "Never Gonna Give You Up" through his anger issues?

Fab Rick softening deter gent.

After it was determined that dogs could not transmit COVID-19 to humans, the world health organization deemed that all companion pets could be let out of quarantine

We really should have seen this coming, they told us WHO let the dogs out for years

In light of the rising number of rape cases, the police is advising women to carry a Tide pod in their purses at all times.

It's supposed to deter gents.

>!Had to change up the premise a bit, since in my language detergente - > deter gente, literally "to detain/arrest people". Glad it works out almost the same!<

How do they determine the homecoming queen and valedictorian in Alabama high schools?

The homecoming queen is the girl with the most teeth, and the valedictorian is the person who could count them all.

How do I determine the cost of a balloon after adjusting for inflation?

Pls help me. The size of the problem is growing by the second.

I hear that it's easier to convince ladies not to eat Tide Pods

but it's harder to deter gents.

It's pretty easy to stop women from eating tide pods

But it's a bit harder to deter gents

What kind of soap can also be used to keep away men?

Deter gents

How to determine the gender of your cat ?

pour some milk in a bowl and place it next to the cat, if she drinks it, your cat is a female, but if he drinks it, the cat is a male

It's easy to convince ladies not to eat Tide pods.

But it's harder to deter gents.

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