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I met my current girlfriend at a midnight game release

It was destiny

My girlfriend texted me that the relationship cannot continue because I played too much video games.

Looks like it was my Destiny 2 break up with her.

If I ever win the lottery I'll give some of the money to charity.

.....And if she isn't dancing that night I'll give some Destiny

Destiny joke, If I ever win the lottery I'll give some of the money to charity.

I've got a date with destiny

And for 50$ an hour, not bad.

It doesn't matter how badly you want to, you just can't fight Destiny...

Because then you'd have to fight the bouncers and the other strippers too.

If I ever win the lottery Im giving all my money to charity

If shes not dancing that night Im giving it all to Destiny

I once heard a story of a man who played Destiny, trying to get the greatest boots of all time, named The Dubstep Grieves.

He died waiting for the drop.

Destiny joke, I once heard a story of a man who played Destiny, trying to get the greatest boots of all time, name

How many Jedi does it take to screw in a hallway lightbulb?

None, because once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny.

Why didn't Bungie stick with Halo?

Because it wasn't their Destiny.

The stripper's parents didn't have faith that their daughter would go on to do something better...

They just didn't believe in destiny.

You can't fight destiny

Well you can, but then you're going to have to fight the bouncers and probably all the other strippers too.

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Getting out of bed

I felt like Destiny 2 this morning getting out of bed. I crashed when my character loaded.

You can't fight Destiny, because if you try

Then you will have to fight the bouncers and the rest of the strippers too.

"Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives"

This is what future dads will be saying when they break out the belt after seeing their kids report card

I didn't have a problem with the Destiny 2 story.

Because I skipped most of it.

What did the Soviets call the spread of communism?

Manifesto destiny

Destiny joke, What did the Soviets call the spread of communism?

I once had a woman tell me it's destiny.

That was the last time I asked a stripper her name.

Just came up with this be gentle

What do you get when you cross cowboys with communism?

*Manifest destiny*

Dread it.... Run from it... Destiny still arrives

Unlike that line.

I used to believe in things like faith and destiny...

...then I realized those are just stripper names.

Soon the entire west coast will have legalized Cannabis. Now there needs to be a campaign to get it legalized all the way to the East coast.

We can call it the *Cannabis Destiny*.

What do you get when American pioneers develop a video game?

They manifest Destiny

I saw a commercial for a fortune cookie maker...

And they say you can't make your own destiny.

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