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*Destruction: 100*

Wife: I'm pregnant

Me: Hey pregnant, I'm dad

Wife: No you're not

Why did you destroy that urinal cake?

Peer pressure

If you want to destroy science, you are a fundamentalist; if you want to destroy spiritual theology, you are a scientist; if you want to destroy both, you are


Dest joke, If you want to destroy science, you are a fundamentalist; if you want to destroy spiritual theology,

Why is a destroyed entrance cute?

Because it's a-door-rubble.

How do you destroy the great China wall?

You put some paper on it

What do you get when you destroy a Rebel ship?

Rubble scum.

I destroyed a bag of leftover Chinese food

It was an act of won ton destruction.

Dest joke, I destroyed a bag of leftover Chinese food

I like to de-stress by listening to U2 and pretending there's no guitars.

I find it really takes the edge off.

What was the most destructive dinosaur of the prehistoric era?

*Tyrannosaurus Wrecks*

I destroy every string instrument I find...

As a part of my vow of non-violins.

If we really want to destroy china,

we should just send all the metal drummers there.

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How do you destroy a feminist in a debate?

You ask "what rights do men have that women don't?"

I destroyed all the air conditioners at work and escaped.

The police are now charging me with a 'heat and run' incident.

How do you destroy one of the many materialistic, boring and vapid white girl bots?

Put her in a room with another one.

What happens when you destroy a bunch of self important people's self esteem?

You're destroying the egosystem.

You should destroy mRNA

...because it copies you.

I am sorry.

Dest joke, You should destroy mRNA

I'm at a destination wedding, need help!

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