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Nobody will upvote a cake joke on my cake day.

Feeling desserted.

Nobody will upvote a cake joke in my birthday

I feel desserted

What happens when you don't get any upvotes on your cake day....

You feel desserted.

It's my cake day and no one cares

I feel caked…pied….I mean desserted

Nobody upvotes cake day jokes anymore

I feel like I've been desserted

Sigh, nobody will upvote a cake joke on my birthday

I feel so desserted.

People never like my cake day jokes

I feel desserted

Nobody will upvote a cake joke on my cake day.

I feel desserted

Shoutout to u/sse2k for letting me repost this joke.

Nobody cares that today is my cake day...

I feel desserted...

What do you call an island populated entirely by cupcakes?


Butter get some upvotes on cake day..

Or I'll feel desserted!

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No one told me happy cake day...

I feel desserted.

I just drove by an abandoned Dairy Queen.

I guess you could say it was *dessert*ed

Nobody will upvote a cake joke in my birthday

I feel desserted.

Happy cake day to me :)

Army Post

A friend of mine recently back from his time in the army told me about one night, at his military base when he woke up about 2am, went outside - and he saw doughnuts, eclairs, cakes of all sizes scattered over the yard - but not another person in sight. Then he realised...

They had desserted their post.

What was the desserted island called?


What do you call an empty town after dinner?


What do you call a hot fudge sunday stuck on a remote island?


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