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Is it bad to hate a certain race?

Because I despise the 100 meter

I despise when homeless people shake their coin cups at me.

Look, I get it. You have more money than me. No need to rub it in my face.

What do you call a treehouse full of women you despise?

A country.

Despise joke, What do you call a treehouse full of women you despise?

Why did the doctor despise his nurse?

She was always testing his patients.

Bill Clinton probably loves Hillary for the same reason I despise her.

Her mouth. :O

There are two types of people I despise in this world...

1) Those who put animal names into words.
2) Hippocrites.

I like to say you're in my prayers to people I despise...

Did I mention I'm an atheist?

Despise joke, I like to say  you're in my prayers  to people I despise...

I hate walls and I absolutely despise floors.

But I'm a big ceiling fan.

There are types of people I despise...

Racists, Hypocrites and Jews

What do multiculturalism and the movie Jaws have in common?

They both made Americans despise great whites!

Whats worse to do for yelp users than despise them?

De-spice their food

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I despise Hitler.

That's why I love his killer.

I absolutely despise double-standards...

Except when it's me, then it's okay.

I despise dairy-free milk, lactose-free milk or any kind of sissy milk out there

I only drink men's milk

I went on a blind date with a recovering alcoholic and as the night wore on I really came to despise her..

I listened to that little voice in the back of my head and decided to give her a shot.


What nickname did Gus get that he liked at first but came to despise even though everyone said the it'd grow on him?


Despise joke, Nickname

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