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Two boys walk late into class

Their pants were wet up to their knees.

The teacher asks, "Where have you been."

One of the boys says to the teacher, "We were throwing pebbles in the lake."

The teacher, feeling generous told the boys to sit down at their desks and tells the class there will be a new student joining them today, and starts the lesson

Ten minutes later a girl walks into class, soaking wet from head to toe.

The teacher asks, "You must be the new student, what's your name dear?"

The girl responds, "I'm Pebbles."

After months of experimenting with sitting vs standing desks I've concluded that ...

...they both have their ups and downs.

I'll see myself out.

Where I work, they changed our work stations to those adjustable stand up desks

apparently I have to buy my own adjustable chair.

Desks joke, Where I work, they changed our work stations to those adjustable stand up desks

Why do IT people always have snacks in their desks?

You try playing with chips and managing cookies all day and not want a snack.

I'm joining a cold war reenactment group.

We get together on weekends and hide under desks.

My buddy makes software for iPhones, for people who like those wiggly-head toys people put on their desks.

Says he's app-ing for bobbles.

I should get on of those standing desks.

This one that relaxes on its side isn't very useful.

Desks joke, I should get on of those standing desks.

True story

A few months ago one of my classmates enters a messy classroom and exclaims:
- These desks make me wanna learn sorting algorithms!

I'm a carpenter by trade and told my wife how much I hate doing repetitious work. She said well you would hate having a desk job.

I think she's right, I wouldn't like building desks all day either.

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