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Sad news....I lost my job as a stage designer,

I wasn't very happy but left without making a scene.

So I used to date this graphic designer...

We broke up because I caught her cheating. Writing hundreds of letters to some guy named Lorem Ipsum. What a creep, right?

I quietly left my job as a set designer...

I didn't want to make a scene.

So a rich Blonde is...

Flying over the Everglades when her private jet has a malfunction and crashes.

Having survived the crash she graps her designer bag, puts on her $1000 shoes and stumbles over to the exit where the captain is opening the door.

taking one look over the wild swamp outside she first looks desidedly unhappy but to the captains surprise she then lightens up, turns to him and smiles.

"Oh, Well. at least they got rescue boats from LaCoste"

jokes about designer

I work as a product designer for a condom company. This annoying frog keeps advising me on my designs.

"Rib it! Rib it!"

I'm a graphic designer for an online casino

I do a lot of arts & craps.

A graphic designer is working on a website...

...and his client says, "Could you make this banner a little more green?"

So he makes the color a little bit more green.

But his client says, "No, that's too green. Make it a little less so."

So he makes it a little less green.

The client says, "No, it's still a bit off."

So the artist, losing his patience, shouts, "On a scale of 0 to 255, how green do you want it!?"

Designer joke, A graphic designer is working on a website...

A Web Designer decided to use right aligned text

His boss yelled at him for it, because it wasn't justified.

I met a girl who's family is so loaded...

even the bags under her eyes are designer

So a cinematographer, writer, and production designer walk into a bar....

and the director takes all the credit.

Have you heard the one about the pushover fashion designer?

He was easily suede.

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What is Spiderman's perfect job?

A web designer.


What do you call a gnome that waxes his body and wears designer clothes?

A metronome

What's every spider's dream job?

A web designer.

How can you tell between a graphic designer and recruiter?

Ask them to pronounce "hires"

iphone designer seeks help from god

* *iphone7 designer*:your highness show us the path to create the most unique and powerful phone the world will ever see
* *God*:arrg,why don't you just **jack off!!!**
* designer:wow,that could really work

Designer joke, iphone designer seeks help from god

I just read a Facebook ad that said "Come in a designer, leave a CEO."

Not sure why they're offering dating advice, but okay.

What do you call a graduated spider?

A Web Designer

What do designers of gum call new flavors from old ingredients?


What do you call a fashion designer, who is not yet sure about his new collection?

Tommy Hilfigeritout

Did you hear about the book cover designer?

He made the front page.

Apple woke up their lead designer in the middle of the night

To ask him about ideas for the new iPhone.
The disgruntled designer told them "Jack off".
The marketing department found the idea fantastic.

What did the Apple Phone designer do when he got home?

Jack off

Did you hear they're making designer milkshakes now?

They're not suitable for the Lacoste intolerant.

Unintelligent Design

Client to designer: It doesn't really look purple. It looks more like a mixture of red and blue.

What does a spider want to be when he grows up?

(This is really good guys...brace yourselves..........)

A web designer.

Designer joke, What does a spider want to be when he grows up?

What did the clothes designer say to her son at his graduation?

"I'm Prada you son."

Apart from designers, what profession is the best at making clothes?

Biologists, they work with genes all the time.

What is the most common job among spiders?

Web designer.

A Font Designer and a Police Officer Walk Into a Bar...

The font designer leaves sans sheriff.

So a clothes designer drank from the Fountain of Youth...

Now she's Forever 21.

What do you call a fashion designer that rejects everything?

Calvin Deklein.

Spider-Mans' New Job

What new job did Spidey get when he was fired?

Web designer.

What would the Kardashians wear to dismantle a billboard?

De-signer clothes

Why did the fashion designer want to be cremated?

Because he wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same outfit for all eternity.

If a clothes designer had a child...

Would it have designer genes?

My wife always wanted a nose job.

So she became a tissue designer.

I was wrongly fired from my job as a stage designer today...

I left without making a scene.

The chief designer of the Titanic had a lisp...

That's unthinkable!

A graphic designer has a heart attack

I guess you could call it...

a stroke.

What's the best career choice for a spider?

Web designer.

Let's play name the title

Jokes are reposted so many times here, so name the titles of these punchlines

1. Ones a hippo and ones a little lighter

2. How far do you think I can kick this bucket?

3. Obviously not

4. But it wasn't stroganoff

5. Sam sung note 7

6. Measles

7. We went out and had a few drinks. Cool guy, wanted to become a web designer.

8. I wore the wrong sock this morning

9. Unless everyone gets them

10. Set a man on fire and he will be warm for life.

I don't get what the big deal is with spiders. Why is everyone so scared of them?

I got to know the spider living in the corner of my room. We talked about our dreams and goals, he wants to be a Web designer.

Its all feminism & love & support for each other amongst women

Until a girls walks in with big rack, designer cloths and nice hairdo.

My part-time waitress girlfriend wants to buy nothing but designer outfits...

.. I told her to "act her wage".

I saw a spider in my house today, but instead of killing it I took it out.

We had a couple drinks, and as it turns out he's a really good guy. He says he wants to be a web designer.

Did you hear about the new designer toy dog in the Middle-East?

It's called a Bombiranian

What does a Russian fashion designer call people from the United States?

A mannequin.

A famous Australian fashion designer created a special collection of denim trousers for the indigenous population.

He calls them Aborijeans.

What were Bush & the interior designer bonding over?

Inside jobs.

So my mum asked me to kill the spider that was creeping her out

Instead I picked it up and took it out. We had a few drinks. He's a cool guy, wants to be a web designer

I lost my job as a stage designer.

I left without making a scene.

I'm a fashion designer who joined the Unite the Right march.

I just really hate dirty muslins.

Fat fashion designer has found a time machine [OC]

Thinking about how many opportunities of discovery await him, he went inside and clicked a button.

He soon found himself in ancient rome. He noticed all the plebs wearing cool ancient clothes so he quickly went to the nearest shopping centre.

Being fat himself, he asked the shopkeeper if they can sell him XL shirts. That question made the shopkeeper curious, thus he asked the designer:

\-Do you really want to purchase that many shirts?

I'm not a great interior designer.

There's room for improvement.

A man visited a movie studio and was browsing the wardrobe archives.

He asked a costume designer which were her favourite pieces.

Well, that shirt there was worn by Pacino. That jacket was put together for De Niro. And these boots were made for Walken.

My wife screamed when she saw a spider in the house and wanted me to kill him for her. Instead of killing him I took him out...

We went to my favorite bar, had a few drinks. I got to know him pretty well. He was a really awesome guy. I also learned he is a web designer.

One for the classical music fans [OC]

For those who aren't, Herbert von Karajan was an acclaimed symphony conductor in the 20th century. You need to know that his name is pronounced approximately "KAHRY-on."

Not many people know it, but the maestro actually had a second career outside of music, he was a successful luggage designer.

I mean, surely you've heard of...Karajan Luggage?

Money cant buy you happiness.

But I'd rather have my tears hit designer Bugatti leather than the composite foam in my car.

Have you guys heard about the deaf fashion designer?

Whenever he watched anything, he needed clothed captions!

Struck up a conversation with a spider today at home while dusting.

Nice guy. He's a web designer

My wife told me to take the spider out instead of killing him.

Went out. Had a few drinks. Nice guy. He's a web designer.

What do you call designer pasta?

J.C Penne

What does a biologist wear on a first date?

Designer Genes

What's Spiderman's favorite hobby?

Web designer

A new set designer was hired at the filming company.

He was fired shortly after for making a scene.

Why did the hipster burn his mouth?

Because he drank designer coffee before it was cool.

My font designer girlfriend broke up with me last night.

I guess I just wasn't her type.

What did the Spider choose to work as?

Web designer

a graphic designer, an astrophysicist, a dentist and an electrician walk into a bar

it was queen and they were playing their first gig

I handed my wife a picture of a $50,000 Birkin designer handbag. "This is what I'm getting you for our anniversary!" She was so happy she started crying.

Who knew a simple photograph would mean so much to her?

We Finally Know Why The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Is Leaning.

The graphic designer pressed the *ITALICS* key on accident.

My friend just lost his job as a Stage designer

He took it pretty well, he left without creating a scene...

My friend can't decide which designer brand to wear to dinner.

I'm sure Hilfiger it out.

What's the most popular job amongst spiders?

Web designer.

A fashion designer was interviewing a cannibal...

"So what do you think would best complement a person?"
"Salt and pepper."

Just got fired from my job as a set designer.

I left without making a scene.

My wife told me to take a spider out instead of killing it...

We went and had some drinks. Really cool guy. Works as a web designer.

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