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A husband, so proud...

....of the fact that his wife had given birth to 6 children, begins to call her "mother of 6" rather than by her first name. The wife was amused at first.
A few years down the road, the wife has grown tired of her husband's description. "Mother of 6, get me a beer!" This type of situation rose to a boiling point.
Finally, while at a party with her husband, he jokingly said, "Hey mother of 6, it's time to go!"
The wife shouted, "I'll be right with you - father of 4!"
[found this scrolling through YouTube Comments]

So a French WW2 rifle came up for sale at an auction, the description read...

French rifle, never used, dropped once.

You know what I hate about some of the jokes submitted to this sub?

You know what I hate about some of the jokes submitted to this sub?

When people repeat the title in the description.

Description joke, You know what I hate about some of the jokes submitted to this sub?

What's the difference between a run-down Greyhound stop and a crabby, decrepit prosititute?

The first is a crusty bus station, whereas the second is an accurate description of your mother.

My wife has been cheating on me with a physicist

I don't know what he looks like but according to my wife's description he seems to be a Feynman

What's the difference between an American zoo and a Chinese zoo?

An American zoo will only have a description of the animal. The Chinese zoo has the price and recipe of the animal.

The description is hilarious!

The title is deeply misinformed.

Description joke, The description is hilarious!

How to keep an idiot busy (answer is in the description)

How to keep an idiot busy (answer is in the title).

There's a spoiler in the description.

There's a spoiler in the title.

Superb Waiter

Our waiter went above and beyond his job description. He brought a lot to the table.

A woman reports her husband's disappearance to the police . . .

They ask her for a description and she says "He's six feet, three inches tall, well-built, with thick, curly hair."

Her friend says, "What are you talking about? Your husband is five-foot-four, bald and overweight."

And she says "Who wants that one back?"

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What is the difference between northern and southern zoos?

Southern zoos have a description of the animals along with a recipe.

A man visits the doctor...

And tells him some symptoms he's been experiencing.

Doctor: "Based on your description, you are suffering from hypochondria."

Patient: "I knew it!"

TIL J. Cole robbed a bank and was never caught despite there being several witnesses

When police sketch artists asked witnesses for a description of the robber they said he had no features.

Local sausage restaurant starts a YouTube channel...

Links in the description.

Since Donald Trump won Presidency of this Nation

I don't want to see a job description with " Experience Required " Ever again.

Description joke, Since Donald Trump won Presidency of this Nation

What is the linguistic description of sentences like 'ho ho ho' and 'merry Christmas'?

They are both santa clauses.

An old fire mage asks his granddaughter to help him set up a "Face Book".

After she helps him sign up, add some friends, and pick a profile picture, he decides to write a short profile description as well.

"What would you like it to say?" says the granddaughter.

"Well, first, I am a fire mage, and I... love lemon meringue."

The granddaughter nods "mm-hmm" and begins typing:


A description of my experience with Carpentry.

It was boring.

A snail is walking home from the pub one night, when he gets beaten up and mugged by two slugs...

He goes to the police, who ask him for a description of the attackers.

"To be honest, it all happened so fast..."

I use this for my Tinder description and it works.

"I fist bumped Chuck Norris once and survived".

A wife went to the police station with her next door neighbor to report that her husband was missing.

The policeman asked for a description. She said, "He's 35 years old, 6 foot 4, has dark eyes, dark wavy hair, an athletic build, weighs 185 pounds, is soft-spoken, and is good to the children."

The next-door neighbor protested, "Your husband is 5 foot 4, chubby, bald, has a big mouth, and is mean to your children."

The wife replied, "Yes, but who wants HIM back?"

Best description of a camel I ever heard:

An animal that looks like somebody tried to pass it through the eye of a needle.

(From an old 70's TV show from Mexico.)

America has the Declaration of Independence, but what does Youtube have?

The Lincoln Description

I bought a secondhand car from an online dealer. In the description it said: "Not one scratch."

Well, technically he wasn't lying - there's hundreds.

This one is pretty long, so check the description.

This message has been blocked by the North Korean government.

I am phenomenally bad at making predictions. I'll explain in the description:

I always thought the origin of the word "politics" was a strangely accurate description of itself.

"Poli-" meaning "many",

"-tics" meaning "bloodsucking parasites."

When I was 9 I found out what rape was from my uncle

For some reason his description of how it's done was very detailed .

My friend phoned me.

He said, "My wife has lost her new puppy. It's a fat hairy thing with bulbous eyes."

I said, "Great description, but what about the dog?"

I posted an ad for a housekeeper last week.

Job description: Make my house great again

Nobody's called at all.

My grandfather has a French rifle from WW2 for sale on eBay

The description reads "never fired. Dropped once "

Some guy stole my wife's car

I asked her if she got a description of the guy. She said, "No, but don't worry, I got the license plate number."

A Rastafarian who has spent his whole life helping people and accumulated no possessions is writing his will. His lawyer looks at it and realizes it is nothing more than a lengthy description of his faith. "Are you sure this is all you have for a will?" asks the lawyer.

Ya. This is what I be leavin'.

In 8th grade english class I wrote a script titled "The Pun"

The very first set description in the script said that the stage was to be painted over with random words and phrases.

When I handed in the assignment, my teacher came up to me and asked: "Why is your script titled 'The Pun' and why is the floor covered with phrases?"

"Because my script is a play on words!"

A cop pulled a car over, with a driver that matched a description of a thief. Turns out the guy was not too smart.

The cop had a basic description of the thief, but seeing the matching tattoo, would seal this guys fate. The tattoo would be located on the guys forearm.

The cop says, "show me your forearms"
The driver looks confused

The cop gets louder, "show me your forearms!!"

The driver looks confused, and says, "I only have two"

A man sees a listing for a cell phone on eBay but he doesn't see a price.

There's only a description that said it was broken, as well as the picture.
Because he was only gonna use it for parts, he contacts the seller.
How much for the cell phone? Asks the man.
The seller replies No charge .

the job description of a fart who is also an assassin?

Silent but deadly

Ordered a European cabinet from Wayfair and received a girl instead

Not what I expected when the description said Swedish maid

"I think your car just got keyed by some guy..." I told a man in the street.

"Can't you give me a better description?" he said.

"OK," I replied, "some gentleman swiped his tender hand across the metallic section of your motor vehicle, sir."

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