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What's big, black and loaded with aids?

A new Cadillac Escalade with cruise control, lane alert, navigation, downhill descent control and parking assist.

Not a joke but a real incident that happened to an indian acquaintance of mine when he moved to Australia for higher studies..

So he comes out of the airport and gets into the cab.

The Aussie cab driver asked where he is from ?

He replied 'India '.

The cab driver asked ' So did you come to die?'

He froze as it was the times when there were racial attacks by white Aussies on people of indian descent .

It was only few weeks later, he realised that the driver actually asked " Did you come today?'

Why hasn't Peru adopted LED lights yet?

Because they are proud of their incan descent.

Descent joke, Why hasn't Peru adopted LED lights yet?

What do you call a person of Irish and Asian descent?

Rice Paddy.


Tour guide in the mountain

A guide was leading a group of people on a hike through some mountains. He pointed at a fairly majestic looking peak and said "This one is most popular with mountain climbers. Most days you have a few teams doing a climb. The ascent, depending on your skill level can take between two and five hours. The descent, again depending on your skill level, takes anywhere between 4 hours and 30 seconds."

As a man of Jewish descent

As a man of Jewish descent I don't like jokes about us Jews.
I think they often cement prejudices and misinterpretations of the Jewish people and culture.
But every now and then even I enjoy a good laugh and feel that I shouldn't be so serious about everything.

So I have a very good joke about the holocaust here if anyone wants to buy it?

What's skydiving like?

It's descent

Descent joke, What's skydiving like?

I got on a plane the other day. As we were about to depart, a pro-life group ran out on the runway in protest.

Ironically, the pilot had to abort the takeoff.

Which brings a question to mind…. When does flight truly begin? Boarding? Taxiing? Takeoff? Some would have you believe it's not a flight yet even during final descent.

I was on a flight a few weeks ago, and our descent was very turbulent, followed by a hard landing that was quite jarring.

Once on the ground, our flight attendant announced, "Well, folks, that wasn't my fault, and it wasn't the captain's fault, but it was definitely the as-phalt."

The passenger reactions were a mix of chuckles and groans.

Shoutout to our Southwest Airlines flight crew from BUR-LAS flight 4606, good job keeping things safe!

I'm proud to be a Asian descent, with my family name Chao. When we have family gatherings…

It's completely Chaos!

What do lightbulbs and Peruvians have in common?

Incan descent

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Choosing a suitable name

A boy is born of multiple heritages. He is of Irish Indian Chinese and Italian descent.

His parents had a hard time choosing a name, but they eventually settled for something suitable.

They called him - Ravi O'Lee.

Why do the Irish and those of Irish descent never get offended by Irish jokes?

Because they are all true!

[Game of Thrones] How do you ask a Northerner if they are of noble descent?

Arya Stark?

What happens when a man of jewish descent runs into a wall with an erection?

He breaks his nose.

I just met an Irishman of Chilean descent.

His name was Con Kearney.

Descent joke, I just met an Irishman of Chilean descent.

An Atheist, a Vegan, and a Person of italian descent walk into a bar

You know this because they let you know as soon as they walk in.

Jeggings are very important to genome evolution.

Descent with modification requires many pseudo-jeans.

A group of Native Americans walk into a bar...

Only to be led out by the attendant because they needed to make reservations.

Credits to a friend who is of Native American descent himself.

My friend just told me people of African descent are genetically engineered to become D1 athletes

So are Asians if you add an M

What do you call a not-too-bright person of Moorish descent, stranded on a deserted island, who believes Jesus was a Native American?

Marooned Mormon moron Moorman.

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