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I was with a deaf girl who knew sign language, we were watching that movie where Johnny Depp has blades for fingers. I couldn't remember what that character was called so I sign to her, What's that character's name?

Edward, says her hands.

What do you call a gay-porno starring Dwayne Johnson and Johnny Depp?

"*Rock Beats Scissors*"

Why did Johnny Depp lose his court case?

Because he didn't have Heard immunity

Depp joke, Why did Johnny Depp lose his court case?

My friend couldn't see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie because of an eye injury...

his Depp perception isn't too good now

So Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter are to separate after 13 years together.

I wonder who will get custody of Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp gets so immersed in his characters that I can never tell if its him or not...

I guess i have really bad Depp perception

What was the Mathematician's Favorite Johnny Depp Movie?

∫π's of the Carribean.

Depp joke, What was the Mathematician's Favorite Johnny Depp Movie?

So I was buying a ticket for a train from London to Paris...

And the man behind the desk said, "Eurostar?"

So I replied, "Well I've been on TV, but I'm no Johnny Depp!"

What does Johnny Depp yell when a tree falls in the forest?


What does Johnny Depp, Dave Pirner and Matt Damon have in common?

They were all Winona Riders.

Johnny Depp in the time of the Covid

He's developed Heard immunity.

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What do you get when you cross Johnny Depp with Nicolas Cage?

Johnny Cage

Johnny Depp has announced that he has a mental issue

He has Deppression

I named my data endpoint protection AI "Johnny".

He's my Johnny D.E.P.P.

Did you hear that Johnny Depp won in the 50M defamation case?

Amber heard.

Marvel and Tim Burton are making a movie together starring Johnny Depp.

It's called Wonkanda Forever.

Depp joke, Marvel and Tim Burton are making a movie together starring Johnny Depp.

What do Jonny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter day after they cut down a tree?


Johhny Depp once joked about assassinating the president; but what do you call a dead actor?

A corpse

Johnyy Depp came out of a lavatory and was all wet

So I asked, " What happened?"
Johnny replied,"I went in, someone recognized me and yelled- *Hey its Johnny Depp* , and everybody turned"

Why didn't Johnny Depp get an Oscar nod for Black Mass?

The nominee pool was Whitey-nough already

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