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It turns out the iPhone 7 is illegal.

It got de-ported

If Hillary wins I'm leaving the country if trump wins I'm leaving the country.

Not a political repost I'm just getting deported

I would like to get deported

Said no Juan ever.

Deported joke, I would like to get deported

Why did Djokovic get deported?


I did so much yard work today,

I might get deported.

I told my Mexican friend that he was being deported...

You should have seen Hispanic

Why did the sick eagle get deported?

Because he was an illeagle.

Deported joke, Why did the sick eagle get deported?

I was planning on getting a tan

But now that Trumps President there is a high chance I'll get deported if I'm too dark

I just got deported by the government of Austria due to my bad Arnold Scharzenegger impressions, and all the flights to America are full.

Don't worry, I'll just get to the helicoper

One of the Russian acrobats in our human pyramid group was deported.

We don't have Oleg to stand on.

What do you call a bird that's getting deported

An ill-eagle

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My evangelical friends are convinced that Donald Trump recently found Jesus in his life.

He's having him deported tomorrow.

The mexicans are getting deported...

Juan by Juan.

What did the Mexican family get for Christmas?


Why is Superman scared of ice?

Because Superman is an illegal alien and he might get deported.

How many Trump supporters does it take to change a light bulb?

None! The room's been dark ever since José got deported!

Deported joke, How many Trump supporters does it take to change a light bulb?

How should illegal immigrants be deported?

Juan by Juan.

How to learn spanish 101

Spanish people play soccer soccer is a sport. Spanish people also get deported so deportes means sports.

Don't know if this is a joke but it is funny.

Why did the sick falcon get deported

It was an ill eagle

ICE ICE baby


Jesus was an illegal immigrant

They deported him

3 days later, he rose from the south and was back in the U.S.

My mom deported me from her basement because I was a DREAMer

As in I Don't Really Earn Any Money.

What do you get when you cross Mexico and part of America?


What do you call a group of Thai women being deported?

A transportation.

Did you hear about the Syrian refugee who escaped to America?

Trump promptly deported her to Mexico with all the other Muslim rapists

To all those going to Canada....

Do a Latino a solid and hire them to help you pack so they will have at least one more job before they get deported.

These days, lots of things get either exported or imported

Except Mexicans, they get deported.

Why are Peruvians always deported?

Because they can't Peruve they're citizens

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