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The Best Deodor Puns

What did one deodorant say to the other?

I can't understand you, your axe scent is too strong.

I got a new deodorant today.

The instructions said "remove cap and push up bottom".

Now I can hardly walk, but my farts smell AWESOME

What deodorant do miners pick?

They pick Axe


I think we should all put on two kinds of deodorant. One for each armpit. But thats just my 2 scents.

I'm going to a deodorant party this weekend...

Roll on Saturday!

Who deodorizes the Saints locker room after a game?

Drew Fe-Brees...

What's the most hygienic type of ant?

The Deodor Ant.

My deodorant is called "state's evidence"...

Part of the Wetness Protection program.

Someone's deodorant is not working...

And I know it's not me because I'm not wearing any.

I use women's deodorant

The one they advertised that stops white marks on black dresses. It stops the marks but the dress gets suspicious looks.

This deodorant says avoid contact with eyes

Too late...I've already seen it.

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