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Top 10 Funniest Deny Jokes and Puns

How to describe Mitt Romney in two sentences.

I stand by what I said, whatever it is that I said.

I deny saying that, whatever it is that I said.

Fun Super Bowl Game:

Every time they show Ray Lewis on the screen, stab someone in your party and then deny it was you.

Who do you want on your basketball team in heaven?

Peter. He can deny Jesus three times.

Deny joke, Who do you want on your basketball team in heaven?

Say what you will about ISIS...

But you can't deny their suicide business is booming.

What does having sex with me and the holocaust have in common?

There are people who still deny it ever happened.

My wife says I deny everything...

I really don't think it's a big problem.

Why is the window's 10 update similar to a stalker?

.....No matter how many times you deny either, they just keep coming back.

Deny joke, Why is the window's 10 update similar to a stalker?

The police caught me while I was spraypainting graffiti.

I tried to deny it, but the writing was already on the wall.

I have a particular disease for which I deny the existence of some 80s bands

There is no cure

How many Nazis does it take to deny the holocaust?

Nein nein nein!!!

What's the difference between the holocaust and a jolly-good fellow?

Nobody can *deny* a jolly-good fellow!

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All I wanted for Christmas was a president who doesn't deny climate change.

I suppose since I haven't been good this year I'll be getting coal instead.

Dota player said LoL sucks

LoL player couldn't deny

Why did the female asteroid deny her boyfriends marriage proposal?

Because she was scared of comet-ment

After many years of philosophizing, I have decided to affirm the principle of non-contradiction...

...And deny it.

Why does Turkey deny armenian genocide?

Because they can't accept the failure - Kardashians are still alive

Deny joke, Why does Turkey deny armenian genocide?

Whenever I argue with my wife, it's from a position of strength.

She can't deny that she's the one married to a total loser.

I've been diagnosed with a type of amnesia where I deny the existence of certain 80s bands.

There is no cure.

I play LoL and a guy says dota is better

I can't deny.

Was out of the loop. Asian friend told me United Airlines has the power to deny your liberties

He said they punched his rights out.

A dota2 player and a LoL player walk into a pub...

The Dota2 player says "Dota2 is an objectively better game." The LoL player can't deny.

A kid gets out of his seat to leave class

"I'll be right back."

He's known for being a bit of a troublemaker, but the teacher can't deny him if he needs the restroom. The teacher says, "Alright, you can go. But first, spell today's vocabulary word, 'pterodactyl'."

He spells out, "T-E-R-O-D-A-C-T-Y-L."

She says to him, "Good job. However, you left out the P. Because it's silent?"

"Yeah," he goes, "and it's dripping down my pants."

Why do Flat-earthers deny science?

Because it challenges their world view.

They might deny pouring glue on my weapons...

But I'm sticking to my guns.

I deny everything I say

No I don't.

Batman: "Alfred, why do people deny global warming?"

Alfred: "Some men just want to watch the world butn."

Did you hear about the cowboys who deny robbing the glue factory?

They're sticking to their guns.

Baby, you're a Sex and the City episode

I wanna watch you and then deny it when I get caught

The darkest part of the day

Is the night, deny it to me.

What do you call a barrier to deny water to a certain area and raise water levels in the other area built by Indian fathers?


While Abortion and Adoption are very different things,

You can't deny that they are both great way of getting rid of children.

Apparently I have a foot fetish. Feet make me so excited, but I'm always ashamed. I really want to deny it, but after a year of lying to myself...

I accept defeat

Why did the judge deny the ghost bail?

Too much of a fright risk.

Art students are so dramatic

Art students are so dramatic deny them one thing and they go off and start a war

I used to have a dog that was only a head.

Very happy dog. One day I was drinking a beer and he wanted a sip. Who am I to deny him?

He had a sip and a body grew on his head! So I gave him a drink. A leg formed! Another drink, another leg, then another, and another. A final drink and he had a tail!

By now he was really drunk and I'm sure he had to pee, so I let him outside.

He staggered outside and into the road, where he was hit and killed.

I learned something that day.

It's better to quit while you're ahead.

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