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The Best Dentures Puns

A trip to the dentist

A woman walks into a dentist's office, sits down in the chair, pulls down her pants and spreads her legs. The dentist says to her, "I think you've got the wrong place. The gynecologist's office is upstairs." The woman says back, "No mistake. You put my husband's dentures in, and now you're gonna get them out."

What do you call a large gay man who wears dentures?

A gummy bear

People are saying Donald Trump is wearing dentures after he was slurring his speech yesterday.

I think this calls for a molar investigation.

My dentist offered to give me dentures for only a dollar.

It sounded like a good deal at the time, but now I have buck teeth.

A woman walks into a dentist's office.

She promptly sits down on the seat, pulls off her pants, and spreads her legs. The dentist says 'Ma'am, you must be mistaken somehow!' and she responds, 'No, you put these dentures in my husband, and now you're gonna get them out!'

A women goes to a dentist

She sits down and spreads her legs. "Im not sure im the right person for this" the dentist says. The women replies " I know, but you put my husbands dentures in and now your gonna take them out".

What do you call dentures made for sheep?

Lamb chops!

Bad holiday joke

I love Hollandaise sauce, and put it on everything, but the lemon juice in it reeks havoc on my dentures. My dentist said he has just the thing: dentures made of chrome. Because there's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise.

He only had a dollar...

Did you hear about the guy who went to the dentist to get new dentures?
His insurance was denied and he only had a dollar on he wound up with buck teeth.

The Tooth Fairy wasn't too impressed with the dentures I left under my pillow...

...Tooth be trolled.

An older pastor gives an unusually long sermon.

After the three hour service, he's asked why. I was running very late today and accidentally put my wife's dentures in and couldn't stop talking.

What is another word for dentures?


Nobody really knew that grandma had dentures until.... came out during a conversation

Don't waste time brushing your teeth when you are young.

Simply put your dentures in the dishwasher when you're older.

My dad forgot his dentures on the way to dinner

I said "well dadgum it!"

I'm afraid my love for candy has finally caught up to me: last time I went to the dentist I had 7 cavities.

And I have dentures!

What can you say at the dinner table and in bed?

Grandma, put your dentures back in.

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