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The Best Dens Puns

What's denser than a neutron star?

A Flat Earther

What are denser than black holes?

Flat earthers

The density of Saturn is so low that the whole planet would float on the water in your bath.

However, you wouldn't want to try this experiment at home as it would leave a massive ring around the tub.

Yo momma's so dense she has an accretion disk

I'm so sorry...

Yo mama's so dense...

Yo mama's so dense the only reason people think she's bright is because she hit critical mass and now she burns the eyes out of anyone who looks at her... Sick burn.

What place has the best drug dens?

Sweet den

Your dad's so dense...

Your dad's so dense, he has an escape velocity greater than the speed of light.

Why can't hyenas bring their food back to their dens before they eat it?

It'd be too much carrion'

What's denser than a black hole?

Your ex.

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