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Top 10 Funniest Deniers Jokes and Puns

Why do January 6 deniers never last very long in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns?

They always fail their Constitution checks.

Two covid deniers are taking a walk in the woods when they encounter a sheep...

Two covid deniers were out taking a walk in the woods when they discovered a sheep with its head stuck in a fence.

The first denier pulls down his pants and gets to business.

Completing, he turns to his friend and said, "Now it's your turn."

The other covid denier then sticks his head into the fence.

I'm tired of Holocaust deniers!

What if we could somehow round them up and systematically kill them?

What do you call people who don't believe in evolution?

Primate change deniers

How many covid deniers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

No way to know, it's common knowledge that the number of lightbulb repairs is always over inflated so custodians can get reimbursed for lightbulbs that didn't burn out.

Why are conservatives climate change deniers?

Because they want to melt the snowflakes!

What month celebrates Holocaust deniers?


I've had it with climate change deniers...

The global warming truthers are so anti-climatic!

I think Holocaust deniers actually took what happened worse than the rest of us...

I mean, they're still stuck on the first stage of grief.

Physics Deniers can't take anything seriously

They just never seem to grasp the gravity of the situation

Atoms are like science deniers.

They make up the universe.

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