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The Best Denier Puns

How do you talk with a COVID denier

with an Ouija board

Some accuse me of being a luggage denier.

I want to assure everyone, that is definitely not the case.

In every argument there's always the denier..

It's definitely not me.

Two covid deniers are taking a walk in the woods when they encounter a sheep...

Two covid deniers were out taking a walk in the woods when they discovered a sheep with its head stuck in a fence.

The first denier pulls down his pants and gets to business.

Completing, he turns to his friend and said, "Now it's your turn."

The other covid denier then sticks his head into the fence.

A Jew and an American are sitting on a bus...

The Holocaust denier farts.

The Jew says, "That's gross!"

The Holocaust denier says, "What, a little gas never killed anyone."

What did the climate change denier get on her IQ test?


If I Ever Find A Climate Change Denier...

I will personally kidnap them and toss them off of the edge of our flat Earth.

What's worse than infected soil in the greenhouse?

A global warming denier in the White House.

The rise of the alt right has made me a holocaust denier.

I have to say no every time they start talking about having another one.

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