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A woman wakes up from a coma and...

A 4-months-pregnant woman falls into a deep coma. 5 months later she wakes up and asks the doctor about her baby.

Doctor: You had twins, a boy and a girl, and they are perfectly fine. Luckily your brother named them for you.

Woman: Oh no not my brother! He's an idiot. What did he name the my daughter?

Doctor: Denise

Woman: Oh that's not that bad. What did he name my son?

Doctor: Denephew

What's in a name?

A pregnant woman lapses into a coma. She awakens and frantically calls for her doctor. "You had twins, a boy and a girl. They're fine," he says. "Your brother named them."

Oh, no, the new mother thinks.Β He's an idiot. Expecting the worst, she asks, "What's the girl's name?"

"Denise," the doctor says.

Not bad, she thinks.Β I guess I was wrong about him. "And the boy?"


A woman who is 3 months pregnant falls into a deep coma. 6 months later, she wakes up and asks the doctor about her baby.

Doctor: You had twins, a girl and a boy. Fortunately, your brother was there to name them for you.

Woman: Oh no, not my brother! He's an idiot! What did he name the girl?

Doctor: Denise.

Woman: Well, that isn't so bad. What did he name the boy?

Doctor: Denephew.

Denephew joke, A woman who is 3 months pregnant falls into a deep coma. 6 months later, she wakes up and asks the d

A 3 months pregnant woman falls into a coma...

6 months later she awakes and she asks her doctor about her babies. And he replies
"Oh you had happy healthy twins. One boy, and one girl. Luckily your brother was here to name then"
"Oh god no" says the woman "my brothers an idiot. What are their names"
"The girls name is denise" says the doctor
"Oh thats not to bad, and the boy?"

I let my brother name my twins.

He did fine with my daughter, Denise. But my son may never forgive him for naming him Denephew.

A mother of twins went into labour and passed out.

A mother of twins went into labour and passed out. She woke up hours later to find her (not so bright) sister carrying her twins. Nervously the new mother asked her sister whether the children has been named. To which the sister replied yes. The new mother shocked and scared then asked the sister what she named the children to which she replied she named the niece Denise. The mother feeling a little better then asked what she had name the boy to which she replied Denephew.

A woman is pregnant with twins

but because of complications during labor, she passed out for about 24 hours after the birth. When she wakes up, she asks to see her children, excited to name them.

The doctor says sure, here they are, but your brother already named them.

What? she exclaims, what did he name them?

He named the girl, Denise, said the doctor.

Hmm, she says, I guess that's ok. I like Denise. What did he name my son?


Denephew joke, A woman is pregnant with twins

A pregnant lady went into a coma

Months later she wake up, no longer pregnant

"You had twins, a boy and a girl" the nurse exclaims "your brother named them"

"What did he name the girl?" the woman asked


"That's alright, I like Denise, what about the boy?"


A woman gives birth to twins and then goes into a coma

When she wakes up, she realises that she is yet to name her child.

Doctor: Oh, don't worry about that miss. Your brother was here while you were unconscious. He named your children.

Mother: What!? My brother is a complete idiot! Oh God, what did he name my daughter?

Doctor: Denise

Mother: Oh, I guess that's not too bad. What a relief. And what did he name my son?

Doctor: ....Denephew

A woman gives birth to a girl and a boy but falls into a coma for a few months.

After she wakes up the doctor says "stay calm. You fell into a coma after having twins. Your brother came to pick them up and even name them."

The mother is worried "Oh no my Brother is terrible with names!"

The doctor says "He named the girl Denise"

The mother looks relieved "well that's not so bad. What did he name the boy?"


A man's sister is giving birth, but she can't think of what to name it.

So the man goes to his good friend and asks; "what should my sister name her child?"

And his friend says, "Denise."

The man asks, "but what if her child is a boy?"

And his friend asks for some time to think.

So the man waits a few days and then returns to his friend.

He asks, "have you thought of a name yet?"

"Yes, Denephew."

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A woman passes out while giving birth to her twins leaving her immature, witty brother to name them.

She wakes up and immediately asks her brother what he named her new born girl. He replies,"Denise". Surprised she says,"That's a beautiful name, what about my baby boy"? He responds with a grin from ear to ear, "Denephew".

Coma Pregnancy

A woman is in an accident while she's pregnant. While in a coma she has twins, a boy & a girl.

When she woke up she asked the doctor where her baby was. The doctor said she had twins but her brother named them.

She replied,My brother is an idiot I wonder what names he gave them. Anyway what did he name the girl?

"Denise", replied the doctor. That's not so bad.What about the boy?, she asked. "Denephew"

I love my sisters kids, especially Denice.

I'm also crazy about Denephew

My sister gave birth and the father couldn't make it in time so I had to name the kids

When he arrived, he asked me what I named them.

Me: well I named the girl Denice

Him: oh that's actually lovely, what about the boy?

Me: Denephew

What's Denise's brother's name?


Denephew joke, What's Denise's brother's name?

A pregant woman of 6 months falls into a coma

.... 3 months later she awkaes and finds out she already had her child. She asks the doctor " How Is my child?" The doctor replies " You had two children, a girl and a boy. Your brother took the ability to name them." "OH NO MY BROTHER IS AN IDIOT!, WHAT DID HE NAME THE GIRL?" "Denis" "oh , well that's not a bad name.. how about the boy?" "denephew"

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