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The Best Demonstration Puns

Why did the police chief tell his officers to show up 15 minutes early to the political demonstration?

To beat the crowds.

Nobody would show up to a "White Lives Matter" demonstration.

They all have to work.

A suicide bomber is teaching some new recruits...

He said, "Watch this demonstration carefully. I'm only going to do this once."

My little brother asked out of nowhere how gay men have sex

I told him to go ask our uncle, when I was his age he gave me a demonstration.

What's an evil gathering called?

A demonstration

There was a demonstration by homeless people in my town today.

They were demanding change.

I have developed a truly marvellous demonstration of Fermat's last theorem ...

which this post is too short to contain

I attended a very touching live demonstration on bukkake.

There wasn't a dry eye in the audience.

A teacher asked her class "What is sex?"

Johny got up and said:
"Sex is a *temptation*
Caused by a *sensation*
Where a boy sticks his *location*
Into a girls *destination*
To increase *population*
For the next *generation*
Did you get my *explanation*
Or so you need a *demonstration?*"
The teacher fainted then.

You really have to pay attention in Jihad class

You only get one instructor and one demonstration.

Did you see the gorgeous girl doing the taser demonstration?

She was stunning.

Did you hear about the really boring demonstration on unmanned aerial vehicles?

The guy droned for at least an hour.

An eccentric professor brings a cloning machine into class to illustrate a difficult concept...

One student, gesturing to the demonstration, decides to reach out to his overachieving friend.
"I just don't understand what that thing does."
His friend, clearly bothered by the situation, snaps back, "that makes two of us!"

If Catholics are in a demonstration...

... Are they Protestants?

You fall asleep in lecture

and when you wake up you cannot remember what class you are in. A demonstration is happening at the front of the class. How do you figure out where you are?

If the demo moves its biology, if it stinks its chemistry, and if it doesn't work its physics.

worst thing you could say in a sex-ed class?

"can we have a live demonstration?"

Why did the police attack the peaceful demonstration for Elijah McClain?

They were told to fight violins with violence.

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