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A demolition expert goes on stage during open mic night...

He proceeds to bring the house down.


Did you see the movie about the demolition team?

It did a great job of breaking the fourth wall.


I took my demolition working friend to a cheese tasting

He tried a bit of everything, and was amazed to how many different cheeses there are. His favorite cheese in the end was 'de brie'


The demolition workers performed at the workers event last night.

Heard they brought down the house with their act.


If my love life was a movie it would be Demolition Man...

...starring Sylvester Still-alone.


Who do musicians call when they need demolition work completed?

A wrecker company!


Why are most demolitions experts happy?

They get the best blow jobs in town.


What is McDonald's demolition service called?

Quarter pounder.


On the demolition teams last job...

They did a bang up job


My Greek neighbor has a building demolition business.

It's called "Edifice Wrecks".


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