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The Best Demolish Puns

City council wanted to demolish the local clown museum.

They couldn't because it's a hysterical landmark.

A beautiful prostitute attended a high profile function..

When it was time for introductions you could hear, I am Dr this and that, professor this or that, Barristers, engineers this and that.
When it was the turn of the prostitute, she calmly said she is a Civil Engineer.
Another curious engineer in the room got interested and asked her for area of specialization.
The lady calmly responded "I demolish erections"

They demolished my local Domino's Pizza shop...

yesterday, and then all the other shops on the street fell down.

How do we know when we have truly demolished gender roles?

When men breastfeed in public just as frequently as women.

How many airliners does it take to demolish a skyscraper?


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