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A man walks into a pet store

He walks up to the clerk and says "I'm looking for a dog" the clerk says "Okay what kind of demeanor are you looking for" the man says "I'm looking for a guard dog demeanor the better"

A man walks into a pet store...

...and says I need a dog. The store owner says sounds goodβ€”what kind of demeanor are you looking for?

The man replies well I need a guard dog, so da meaner da better.

Yesterday, I saw a man standing all alone.

Even though he was turned away from me, I sensed something in his demeanor that suggested he could use some help. So being considerate, I approached him, placing a hand on his shoulder and asking " Do you mind if I join you? "

He certainly left the urinal in a hurry.

Why are trees so bad at customer service?

It's their wooden demeanor.

A man walks into a pet store

He says, I need a dog. The clerk says, What kind of demeanor are you looking for? The man responds, I need a guard dog. The meaner the better!

There should be a pageant for minor criminals where it's based solely on their demeanor, not looks.

Whoever wins will be crowned Miss Demeanor 2018.

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