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Terrorists have hijacked a plane filled with politicians...

They say they will release one politician per hour if their demands aren't met.

A huge crab walks into a bar...

...and says to the barman, "I demand one pint of lager. I will pay the full price, provided that the following criteria are met. The beer should be served to me within one minute of ordering, and at a temperature of between 6-9 degrees Celsius. The beer should be served in a clean, cold glass and a beer mat must be provided. If the quality of the provided beer does not meet my high standards, you must agree to refund the full amount charged, and provide any additional financial compensation for any discomfort, stress or time wasted."

The barman looks at the crab and says, "why the big clause?"

Terrorists have taken >500 hostages at the Bar Association annual conference

Unless their demands are met, they'll release one lawyer every hour.

The people you meet as a firefighter are really weird sometimes.

I met this woman today who kept demanding I shave her baby.

A wealthy man died and went to heaven.

He was met at the Pearly Gates by Saint Peter who led him down the streets of gold.
They passed mansion after mansion until they came to the very end of the street.
Saint Peter stopped the rich man in front of a little shack.
This belongs to you, said Saint Peter.

Why do I get this ugly thing when there are so many mansions I could live in? the man demanded.

We did the best we could with the money you sent us! Saint Peter replied.

A busload of lawyers was hijacked by terrorists...

... They're threatening to release one per hour until their demands are met.

Did you hear about the terrorists who hijacked a plane of lawyers?

They threatened to release one every hour til their demands were met.

I promised my wife that I haven't kissed a single girl since we met

the married ones are less demanding

A t**... group has taken Donald Trump hostage.

They are threatening to release him if their demands are not met.

The Dallas shooting suspect demanded a cell phone. The police met his demand

In fact they gave him the latest phone, the brand new Samsung Galaxy C4

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