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My psychiatrist told me my superiority complex turned into a delusion of inferiority.

Great. Now I'm the least of my problems.

I used to have delusions that I was living in the past.

I'm fine today though and that happened hundreds of years ago.

Three boys talk in the schoolyard:

Boy one: "You know, my mom's mouth is so big, that she can s**... a whole cinnamon bun in one bite!"

Boy two: "Whatever, my mom can s**... a panini with just one bite!"

Boy three: "Those are rookie numbers! My mom can s**... a whole floor lamp in one gulp!"

Boy one and boy two look at boy three with delusion, and ask him how he knows she can do it, boy three answers:
"I heard when mommy and daddy where talking with each other in the other room the other night. Mom whispered: "turn off the floor lamp, i'll take it in my mouth.""


An optical delusion.

I used to have delusions that I was Matthew Mcconaughey

But now I'm alright alright alright.

My delusions of self-grandeur told my God-Complex

That they stopped believing in him

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