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The Best Dell Puns

My laptop was making funny noises today, it sounded like it was singing...

Probably because it's a Dell

What do you call a singing laptop?

A Dell

Last night I woke up, startled, to a female's voice coming from my desktop. Hello, it said, It's me.

Upon further inspection,
I realized it was just
a Dell.

My computer just said hello to me.

I think it's A Dell.

I dropped my laptop in the middle of the ocean

A dell must be rolling in the deep

I just bought a new computer...

When i turned it on, instead of saying "Welcome", it said " Hello".

It's a Dell.

What computer monitor sings the best?

A Dell.

My computer won't stop crying and singing about break ups...

That's the last time I buy A Dell.

What computer says "hello"

A Dell

New technology uses bacteria to power a laptop

I guess you could say the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the dell

What do you call a fat computer?

A dell.

Everytime I turn my laptop on it says hello to me

Probably because it's a Dell

How many Dell Service Reps does it take to change a light bulb?

I don't know, I am on hold.

I once dropped my laptop into the lake

Now it's just a dell rolling in the deep

What do you call a laptop in the ocean?

A Dell, rolling in the deep.

What do you call a computer on the bottom of the ocean?

A Dell rolling in the deep.

So I found out that my computer is really good at singing

But that makes sense
After all, it is a dell

What kind of PC sings really well?

A Dell

I threw my laptop into the ocean..

Its a Dell rolling in the deep.

What happens when you throw a laptop into the ocean?

You have a Dell, rolling in the deep.

A paladin and a warrior go into a mage's electronics store to buy computers.

The paladin asks for a Dell computer. The mage directs him to aisle five. The warrior asks for a Hewlett-Packard. The mage says "I'm all out of HP." The mage dies.

What kind of computer is optimized for sad songs?

A Dell.

I threw my laptop into the sea last week...

It's a dell, rolling in the deep

I work IT and this ladies computer would not stop playing Rolling in the Deep

Asked her what brand her computer was and she said "a Dell"

My laptop said hello to me....

I think it's "a Dell"

What is a restaurant for robots called?

Dell taco

Was playing around on this computer, and it was making the most beautiful sound ever...

Must of been a dell.

What's the saddest computer you can buy?

A Dell

What type of computer is unusually large?

A Dell

What's the most emotional computer you can buy?

A Dell.

What do you call a fat computer?

A Dell.

Credit where credits due. Got this off of some dude's donation on Summ1t's twitch stream:P

Do you know what laptop sings the best?

A dell

I was wondering why my laptop saying Hello And Hello And then I remembered....

It's a dell

Why did the Dell computer cross the road?

Because a Dell wanted to say hello from the other side.

Turned my computer on this morning it started singing someone like you

Don't worry it's a dell

What's the name of a computer that turned into a singer

A dell.

I was listening to music and dropped my computer into the ocean...

Guess now it's A Dell Rolling in the Deep

I lost my laptop on the beach yesterday

Now it's a dell, rolling in the deep

I have a Dell computer

When I turn it on, it says "Helloooo".

What kind of laptop calls you a thousand times?

A dell

What brand of computer is best for music production?

A Dell.

My laptop got left outside during a storm. I tried turning it on and the screen blew and the keyboard started smoking.

That's the first time I've seen the rain set fire to a Dell.

What kind of computer is the classiest?

A Dell

What's the best computer for producing music?

A Dell.

What PC does Adele use?

A Dell.

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