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Two blondes are having a coffee at the local cafe.

They see a flower delivery truck pull up in front of the apartment building across the street and the delivery guy goes inside. The first blonde remarks "You know, whenever my boyfriend gets me flowers, he expects me to keep my legs spread for a week."
The second blonde replies "Don't you have a vase?"

Someone stole £5000 worth of Red Bull from a local delivery truck.

How do these people sleep at night?

The other day I saw a sausage delivery truck c**....

It took a turn for the wurst.

I ran two of my friends over with my delivery truck.

Now they're my flatmates.

I got T-b**... by a construction delivery truck the other day.

It came down like a ton of bricks.

Was driving on the freeway

And over in the fast lane a concrete delivery truck went by and following behind was a contractor in his normal truck. So I pointed it out to the kids in backseat.

Kids asked where they were going.

I replied I don't know but bet when they get there they will have a concrete plan.

The groans were were like a symphony

An Irish peanut farmer recently got married...

His new bride wants to be a part of the family business, and the farmer thinks that's a great idea, so he has her start trucking deliveries into town. A couple days go by, and the farmer's neighbor stops in to see how things are going with the new misses, and the farmer says Well, she just started drivin' me nuts.

What's funny about a FedEx guy telling a joke about his truck full of Nitrous oxide?

There is nothing funny about the joke, it's about his delivery.

I drive a delivery truck for a boss with an extra chromosome.

It has its UPS and downs.

If i had a Salt c**... for every imaginary non-existant gender

Hold up, why is there a 2 mile long line of Tuc delivery trucks in the frontyard?

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