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What do a pizza delivery driver and a gynecologist have in common?

They both get close enough to smell the goods but if they eat it they'll be in trouble.

I had to fire my fruit delivery driver today

I hate to let the mango but he was driving me bananas

Did you hear about the Pepsi delivery drivers who were fired?

They tested positive for coke.

What's the difference between police officers and pizza delivery drivers?

Pizza delivery drivers actually face consequences when their jobs aren't done right.

A delivery driver asked me what time it was…

I said, Somewhere between 8am and 5:30pm .

You m**... one pizza delivery driver, and then you have to m**... another pizza delivery driver.

That's the domino effect

What do you call a delivery driver from an indian takeaway?

A curryier.

What do a gynecologist and a pizza delivery driver have in common?

It's okay to smell it, but if you eat it you're gonna get fired.

Don't know what was wrong with the delivery driver this morning.

He was all smiles until I signed his touch screen thing, then he got all shouty and mad.

I was so scared I dropped my sharpie and just closed the door.

A FedEx driver, UPS driver, and USPS driver walk into a bar...

Nevermind, you wouldn't get the delivery from the FedEx driver.

I started a new job as an Amazon delivery driver today. When I got to my first address there was a note saying 'Dear delivery man, we're out, please hide in garbage'

That was eight hours ago and still no one has found me

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What does an gynocologist and a pizza delivery driver have in common?

They can both smell it but can't taste it.

What language do delivery drivers speak in the Harry Potter universe?

Parcel tongue

If OP was a Pizza Delivery Driver, how much would he make?

Nothing because OP never delivers.

A lady gets some flowers delivered from her husband

She doesn't look as excited as the delivery driver thought she should be so he asks, 'don't you like the flowers?'
She replies, 'no I love them, it's just that now I'll be expected to lay on my back all weekend with my legs in the air.'
Delivery driver replies 'why not just use a vase?'

What do a gynecologist and a pizza delivery driver have in common?

They can both smell the goods but aren't allowed to eat them.

I was fired from a pizza place only 6 hours in.

They said I was a bad delivery driver, but could they know? I hadn't even delivered my first order yet.

About to start a new job as a pizza delivery driver,

any tips?

What do you call an East-Indian Fed-ex delivery driver?

A currier.

What do gynecologists and pizza delivery drivers have in common?

They're close enough to smell it, but can't have a taste.

I had an interesting and deeply meaningful conversation with my UPS delivery driver

Unfortunately there was a lot to unpack

A new shipment of dark blue shirts arrived at the loading dock at work today.

My coworker and I checked the boxes and the shirts felt differently so we started asking questions like, what distributors is this? and who makes it? . Finally after a lot of questions we ask from who? . The delivery driver looks at us and shouts Scan the Navy in!

I slashed my Postal Delivery Driver's tires today

I wanted to be sure *all* of my last minute packages had flat rate shipping.

What's it called when a delivery driver forgets to shave?

UPS next day hair

If you're a delivery driver and don't get a tip...

You get shafted

What do you call a Russian Coca-Cola delivery van driver?

Idroppalotta Popoff

What have a gynaecologist and a pizza delivery driver got in common? They can both smell it but can't eat it.

Q: How do you get a UNC fan to leave your house? A: Pay the pizza delivery driver.

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