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Top 10 Funniest Deliveries Jokes and Puns

The new mailman really sucks at telling jokes

He needs to work on his deliveries more

If hooters did deliveries...

...would they be called knockers?

An Irish peanut farmer recently got married...

His new bride wants to be a part of the family business, and the farmer thinks that's a great idea, so he has her start trucking deliveries into town. A couple days go by, and the farmer's neighbor stops in to see how things are going with the new misses, and the farmer says Well, she just started drivin' me nuts.

Did you hear about the butcher who sat on his bacon slicer?

He got a little behind in his deliveries.

People from the neighborhood were complaining that their mailman was being super lazy.

He was making all the babies, but the doctor was doing all of the deliveries.

I went to an ivy league school

When I got there they told me deliveries in the rear.

With all the havoc that Christmas deliveries bring, FedEx and UPS decided to come together.

Now they're FedUp.

What do midwives and mailmen have in common?

There's always the possibility their deliveries may end up in the trash

Your mom's like a shipping warehouse.

"Deliveries in the rear. "

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