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Romantic men

3 men talk about their wives. The first one says: "My wife is like a butterfly, so delicate and pretty". The second one: "Mine is like a baby deer, beautiful and gracious". After a moment of silence the third one goes: "Now that I think about it mine doesn't look much human either".

Since its my cake day

I used to work at a very large balery known for making some of the most exquisite and famous cakes.

These cakes required a very intricate and delicate process to make them and involved a lot of processes and a secret recipe.

However in all my 20 years, the head baker never told me the full recipe only my part required in the preperartion.

He always told me that Bakers only trade recipes on a Knead to know basis.

I like my coffee how I like my women

Dark, delicate, and shipped to me in a box straight from Colombia

I heard it took at least two elephants to make the keys on my antique piano

I had no idea they were capable of such delicate work.

Why should you always wash your delicate undergarments separate from your socks?

To prevent yourself from getting athletes crotch !

What's more beautiful than a delicate rose placed gracefully upon an elegant grand piano?

Somebody putting tulips on your organ.

Tarzan comes home after a hard day and asks Jane to mix him a martini

He's hardly sat down before he's finished it and he asks Jane to mix him another, and being a caring, nurturing mate she does so. Again Tarzan makes it disappear and asks (nicely enough, to be fair) for still another one.

At this, Jane arches a delicate eyebrow and says "Three martinis? Before dinner?"

"Jane, you don't understand," sighs Tarzan. "It's a jungle out there!"

Little known fact #376: In Norway they have problems with herds of wild horses destroying the delicate eco systems around their narrow inlets.

They plan to start exporting Fjord Mustangs.

My father always told me that women are like delicate little tulips.

This always confused me, don't they have four lips?

Potatoes are delicate

So my roommate and I decided the other day we wanted to put up a potato garden in our backyard, but there was all sorts of rocks and gravel back there.

We had to be very careful to clean it all up, as you know the old saying, "you can kill tubers with one stone."

A woman is like a delicate, Spring flower...

...I have really bad seasonal allergies, so I just tend to get my fix by looking at pictures of them online.

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