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The Best Deliberation Puns

A Mathematician is given a psychological test.

The first question asked "You see a burning house and a hose disconnected from a fire hydrant. What do you do?" After much deliberation, the Mathematician decides he would attach the hose to the hydrant. He is then asked "You see a non-burning house and a hose disconnected from a fire hydrant. What do you do?" to which the Mathematician immediately responds, "I'll set the house of fire to reduce this to a problem I've already solved."

After much deliberation, the Cambridge University Netball Team....

...decided not to abbreviate their name

[OC] Two peanuts were walking down the street

Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted.

The assailant, a third peanut not known to the victim or his friend, pleaded "not guilty" on grounds of insanity; however, after much deliberation, he was sentenced to five years for the assault, because he wasn't a nut at all.

Putin decides to go on a vacation

After much deliberation he decides on Kiev as it was a very warm and historic city

So when he gets to the airport everything goes smoothly until the customs clerk

Clerk: destination?

Putin: Kiev

Clerk: occupation?

Putin: No, just visiting

A ballerina on trial went before the judge

The judge asked if she was willing to take plea deal A or plea deal B.
After much deliberation with her lawyer
She said she'd like to pliΓ©

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