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The Best Deliberately Puns

Why did the mad scientist deliberately create a huge fire tornado?

Some people just want to watch the whirled burn.

TIL Dolphins deliberately get high on the nerve toxins of puffer fish by chewing on them and passing it around

Talk about 'puff puff pass', amirite?

Anyone know any good anti jokes?

Anti jokes are basically jokes that are so serious and deliberately not funny to the point where they are funny. Yeah its hard to explain. But I was looking for some good ones that aren't already on the anti joke website so share them if you know any.

(NSFW) why did Michael Jackson deliberately lose races ?

He enjoys coming in a little behind

Two travelers are driving past a, "Welcome to Lewisville, Kentucky!", sign and ...

They can't decide if it's pronounce LouiS-ville or Louey-ville. So they decide to settle it by asking at a burger place they pull up to.

"Hi we're from out of town and have a bet about how locals pronounce this place"?

The local says deliberately and slowly, "Burger... King".

What do we call the process which usually happens after a company deliberately sells a misleading product to its customers?


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