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A poor farmer came to the Parliament house

A poor farmer came to the Parliament house in New Delhi to meet with an officer. He kept his bicycle near the high walls of the building and proceeded to the entrance.

The security guard came running towards him and hurriedly asked him to remove the bicycle.

This is a very prestigious place. High profile men, ministers and judges come here

The farmer innocently replied, I know that. I have locked my cycle, nobody can take it

What was built after the Indian sandwich maker's shop burned down?

A New Delhi

What did the Indian man name his sandwich shop?

New Delhi


TIL that India is installing 15000 CCTV cameras in Delhi for Obama's visit.

This is ridiculous.
Just because he's black doesn't mean he'll steal anything.... When will the world stop this Racist behaviour ?

TIL In India you can never buy a sandwich in the same place twice

You always have to go to a New Del(h)i

The guys at the Delhi Deli pressured me into having a BLT on Indian bread instead of rye.

Now I like such a naan conformist.

My friends and I wanted to get Indian food last night

My friends and I wanted to get Indian food last night, but none of us could decide where to go. After asking around for good places to get Indian food, we finally decided to go get sandwiches at that New Delhi everyone kept talking about.

Delhi joke, My friends and I wanted to get Indian food last night

Heard that 15,000 CCTV cameras are being installed in Delhi for Obama's visit....This is ridiculous.

Just because he's black doesn't mean he'll steal anything..

Did ya'll hear about the guy from India whose sandwich shop burnt down!?

He'll be alright. He got a loan to open a New Delhi.

Where did the Indian go for breakfast?

The New Delhi

Where is the best place to buy meat in India?

At the Delhi

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They say that New Delhi is the brownest city in the world...

...but I can think of one that's Dhaka.

A man moved to New York from India and he opened a lunch counter where he served traditional Indian foods and sandwiches to go. He decorated it in Indian style to remind him of his home city and hired his friends and neighbors from the old country to work there.

You might say he was setting up a little Delhi.

An Israeli lands in New Delhi Airport. Reaches the passport control

-David Cohen
-No, just sightseeing... For now

Where do tourists in India eat?

In the Delhi or New Delhi.

Why do Indians never run out of fresh food?

Because there's always a New Delhi.

Delhi joke, Why do Indians never run out of fresh food?

Now I'm not saying pollution has hit dangerous levels in New Delhi,

but all my friends there are celebrating Nausea November.

Where do indians get their food?

At the New Delhi

If you were a dog, what would be your favorite kind of shoes to chew?

The ones from Delhi.

Thats because they are Delhi-shoes

Obama is going to be visiting India next week

Apparently the Indian government is installing 15,000 CCTV camera's all over New Delhi for Obama's Visit.

This is Ridiculous!!!

Just because he's black doesn't mean he'll steal anything!

A man is being interviewed for a job at a call center in New Delhi...

and the manager asks him to use the words "pink, green, and yellow" in a sentence. The man thinks for a minute and says, "When the phone goes 'green, green,' I pink it up and say 'Yellow, this is Hassan, how may I help you?'"

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