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The Best Delaware Puns

If Mississippi gave Missouri her New Jersey to wear at the fair, what will Delaware?

I don't know but Alaska.

If Mississippi wears her New Jersey, what does Delaware?

I dunno, Alaska.

If Mississippi gave Missouri her New Jersey, what would Delaware?

I don't know but Alaska

I finally realized why the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware is such a big deal

It depicts the last time someone willingly entered New Jersey.

If Mississippi went to Missouri for a New Jersey what did Delaware ?

Don't know, Alaska

What did Delaware

New Jersey

Mississippi lent missouri her new jersey so what did delaware?

idaho but alaska

If Mississippi asked Missouri for her New Jersey, what would Delaware?

Idaho either, but Alaska!

What did Delaware?

Idaho. Alaska

Which US state provides the best IT support?


A texan and a Delawarean walk into a bar

The Texan asks, " where are you from?" The Delawarean says "Delaware." The Texan says 'Delawhere?"

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