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Dave drowned

So at the funeral we got him a wreath in the shape of a lifebelt. It's what he would have wanted.

(Gary Delaney)

As a child I was made to walk the plank.

We couldn't afford a dog.

Courtesy of Gary Delaney

As a family we couldn't decide whether to have grandma buried or cremated

So in the end, we let her live.

(Gary Delaney)

My girlfriend's ass is like a peach.

It's hairy and makes a horrible yogurt.

\- Gary Delaney

Knock knock

-Knock knock

-Who's there?


-Oh shit, stop the funeral!

(Gary Delaney joke)

If Niger had two Gs...

It would be Nigerg.

That'd be stupid.

(originally by Rob Delaney)

The worst thing about living next door to MC Hammer is the constant DIY noise.

I shouted 'Stop!' but if anything that made it worse.

(Gary Delaney)

Delaney joke, The worst thing about living next door to MC Hammer is the constant DIY noise.

I accidentally filled the escort up with diesel

She died.

Posting my favourite Gary Delaney joke on my cake day.

I used to go out with an English teacher.

She used to get really annoyed with my improper use of the colon.

(Gary Delaney)

I told my girlfriend I love Pixar films and I haven't actually got any

I think it's time to own Up.

(Gary Delaney)

We can't even afford a garden

So when my girlfriend bought us a trampoline I hit the roof.

(Gary Delaney)

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My Granddad went down in History,

and on one occasion fingered a girl in Geography.

(not my joke, I stole it from Gary Delaney.)

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