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I before E, except after C.

We ***feign agreeing***, but this ***foreign poltergeist*** of a rule is ***neither efficient*** nor smart- and ***therein*** lies the ***height*** of the issue. It's as if an ***ancient deity*** has influenced the ***zeitgeist*** of the people. We must remove the ***weight*** of this ***veil*** from ***their*** eyes, and ***forfeit*** the ***leisure*** of this ***weird*** and ***heinous*** rule from our ***science*** and ***leisure*** alike.

Up in Heaven, God was feeling tired

He had been a busy deity lately.

Anyways, St. Peter suggests he should go on vacation.

Where?" rants God, "I created everything! I know what everything is!!"

Well" replies St. Peter, "Earth is a nice place. You could go there."

Ohh no! Not Earth!" says God, "I went there about two thousand years ago, s**... some chick, and they're *still* talking about it!

When you're writing a letter to Heaven about how shocked you are that there is a new elk deity

Dear God,

Dear God...

Deer God.

I told my date I'd treat her like a deity.

At the end she'd get nailed.

What is Gordon Ramsay's favorite deity?

IT'S RA!!!!!

What did the deity say when it came back as a hill-billy?

"What incarnation?!?"

I made a false deity out of bubble wrap today

I call Him Pop Idol

Deity joke, I made a false deity out of bubble wrap today

Someone once asked me if I know which deity goes best with curds...

I responded, "yah, whey."

I'm convinced that we're living in a simulation

And it's set to deity difficulty, and my idiot kid brother is playing the game.

What deity has the worst teeth?


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