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The Best Dehydration Puns

Why did the hipsters die of dehydration?

They stayed away from the mainstream.

Recent study shows leading cause of dehydration in children:


A grape is kidnapped and dies of dehydration

At the funeral, the wife of the grape asks if the policegrape has any leads, to which he responds.
"I'm sorry Ma'am, I can't comment on currant investigations"

My doctor says that my urine is red because of dehydration

Jokes on him, that's blood

I tried to run an experiment on the effect of dehydration on human urine volume

But the p-value was too low.

Last month I finally convinced my father to quit drinking.

He died from dehydration.

What do you say to a man who's fallen ill from dehydration after their water supply was cut off?

Hope you get well soon.

How can you be filthy rich and piss-poor at same time?


What happens when you win the dehydration competition?

You get Firsty

Meatloaf collapses on stage...

...due to dehydration. Changing name to Beef Jerky.

After many years of government funded research, science finds a cure for dehydration.


Homeopathy cured my dehydration.

Apparently hydration wasn't the Final Solution.

Dehydration by oven was.

-my friend whilst getting a drink

Why would you never starve to death in a desert?

Because you'd probably die of dehydration first. While a human can only go about a week without water, it can go up to three weeks without food.

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