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Women are like pasta

They are straight until you get them wet.
- Ellen Degeneres

Just got called a misogynist by my sister because. I refused to watch another Ellen Degeneres comedy special.

It's because I'm homophobic you d**....

Did you hear Ellen DeGeneres drowned?

They found her face down in Rikki Lake

Who is Euler's constant's favorite talk show host?

ln Degeneres

Rest In Hoohah

Did you guys hear Ellen DeGeneres died?

They found her face down in Ricki Lake.

How does Ellen DeGeneres fire an arrow?

With her Les-bow.

What do you call an extraterrestrial lesbian?

Alien Degeneres

Credits to Craig Ferguson for coming up with this joke

Degeneres joke, What do you call an extraterrestrial lesbian?

Is Ellen the stingiest?

No, she's DeGeneres

Anyone ever heard of the talk show about calculus?

It's called the Natural Log Degeneres Show.

What do Ellen DeGeneres and the street sweeper from Mary Poppins have in common?

They're both famous d**....

You hear about that film parody of 50 Shades of Gray starring Ellen Degeneres that played like a literary classic?

It's called Dory 'N Gray.

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What's another name for a lesbian dinosaur?

Ellen Degeneres 😂

*HA, you thought I was gonna say lickalottapuss didn't ya?*

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